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Ballet Theatre UK Swan Lake tour dates

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No Hertford? :-(

Sadly not, possibly due to Vienna Festival going in October. Some theatres are reluctant to have more than one Ballet company per season. In our area some local Theatres always choose a certain touring Russian company if the "same" Ballet is being shown. Which I do understand from a programming point of view. What makes me cross is the assumption by some that Ballet has to be danced by Russians!

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Sorry,no it isnt but yes it is hard to find! Ive just experimented with googling BalletTheatreUK1 you tube and got it that way!

First saw it on facebook and only seems to have been put on today- I believe ds is blissfully unaware of it!

Unfortunately cant use my mobile device to post it here!

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Finally saw this at Bishops Stortford tonight and really enjoyed it.


Clever use of set as usual, great lighting and costumes.

A few wobbles from some but really liked Sarah Mortimer's Black Swan and Julia Davies' Odette.


Loved the ending, very dramatic and somewhat unexpected!


Von Rothbart was superb.


Wont say more as I know that I can not really give an unbiased view!


But please support the small touring Ballet companies that go where others dont!

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Just back from matinee at Hinckley.


Wow. Very well performed by everyone this afternoon. Strong performances from all the leads.


Lovely to see this young company so well supported by a full and appreciative theatre. I was alarmed to see so many packets of sweets ( hate the rustle) being clutched by both adults and children but neednt have worried as they were all spellbound, even during the quiet bits!

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