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Mark Bruce Company - Dracula - Autumn 2014

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My husband's advice is: read the book beforehand as the dance is closely tied to the events in the book. Wilton's Music Hall was a terrific venue for this last year (and it was the first time that I had been to this very atmospheric theatre). I don't know what Artsdepot is like or how suitable it will be.

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Good advice Aileen.  I read the book many years ago when Northern Ballet did their first production of Dracula. 


It's a bit easy to get obsessed to ... when in Aberdeenshire we went to see the ruins of New Slains Castle upon which the description of Dracula's Castle was apparently based and we had a cup of tea in the Kilmarnock Arms Hotel where Bram Stoker stayed while writing Dracula.  Last year I finally made it to Whitby!  I haven't done a trip to Transylvania yet!!

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Duh!  And then I went and booked Khan and Guillem for one night of it! :facepalm:


Anyway, I thought I'd bump this: there are tickets left at present for the London dates, but there are only two of them, and there were a lot of disappointed people who missed out last year!

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