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Contemporary CAT Birmingham


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Thanks for the welcome :)  We would be looking at Birmingham as it's easily reached by car or train from home which has got to be a major consideration (not to mention cheaper!).  I'm completely uneducated as I know nothing about dance but the website makes the scheme sound fab and the contemporary style looks like it may suit her. 

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They do run contemporary classes at the Dance Xchange on a Saturday (not linked to the CAT scheme as far as I'm aware) My dd and her friends used to do it to fill the (long) gap between Elmhurst Associates and RBS Associates they enjoyed it and felt like they'd had a good workout in the process! You can turn up on the day and don't have to block book (though it is cheaper this way) It may be worth trying one to see if your daughter would enjoy the CAT scheme especially if (like my dd) she has not tried contemporary before. 

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