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labels for vocational school/ secondary school/ general use

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I am aware that there has been discussion on the White lodge thread but I thought Id start a new topic for ease of finding the right info. I hope that's ok. There were several suggestions of companies that do great labels, one of them, Mine-4-sure (online) have an offer on till June 26th for 15% off the price of their 'camp pack' quote discount code 'camp 13'. I have ordered from them and.found them very good

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I have just bought some Easy2name iron on transfer type labels for socks and underwear. They are available in black a white and have ironed on easily. Waiting to see how they respond to use and washing, but anything will be better than this year's efforts. Have so far bought 15 pairs of school socks because they just seem to disappear!!

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The year 7 houseparent at Elmhurst was very sceptical when my DD turned up with stamped clothing.The iron on improved Cash's labels did not survive the school laundry on stretchy underwear or leotards. The stamps have survived 2 years of school laundry.I bought a name stamp from www.rubberstampz.co.uk - the violet colour 8300 for fabric is what I used.It has also been great on ballet shoes underwear leotards socks.I also have black and white but didn't find they lasted so well.I do sew on labels on the expensive formal uniform.At the end of every term there seems to be a large bucket of unclaimed clothing in house - all the items are this same so as long as the names stay on I wouldn't worry whatever you choose.

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