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Good summer school for contemporary ballet

davy jones

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Our daughter is hoping to go on to a vocational training school in a year or two.   One area she feels she is weak in is contemporary ballet - her current teachers feel they are somewhat out of touch with the latest aspects of contemporary and, while they can cover a lot, an intensive or two working with teachers more up-to-date would help her greatly.

One of the parents at a recent Easter Intensive, whose oldest is finishing her vocational training, recommended the summer intensives of Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Trinity Laban and London Contemporary Dance School.

I was wondering if anyone had any experience of these schools summer intensives and could comment on them, or to suggest any others that are strong on contemporary ballet?


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I suppose it depends on what you mean by "contemporary ballet" - some of those places suggested sound more like contemporary dance to me.  Welcome to the forum, BTW, davy jones.

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DD is on both the pre-voc Rambert course on Saturday's and also in the ENB Youth Co (Fridays and some Sundays). Both do great easter and summer intensives. DD is contemporary focussed and though ENB name suggests ballet only, they do contemporary too. She also did the NSCD easter intensive this year.


So I think you can't go wrong with any of Rambert, NSCD, Trinity, London Contemporary or ENB. In fact depending on timings of courses you might be able to do a couple. I know Rambert have two instance of their summer intensive.

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Isn’t RCS offering a  ‘contemporary ballet’ course? Might be worth seeing if they offer any short courses/days

Also Jamiel (posts on forum) of Ballet Nights fame teaches contemporary ballet & often does mixed genre short courses 

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