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Pas de Deux lift grip (male)


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Been dancing for a couple years now, had partnering on and off (during summers), and now doing a pas de deux. The male teachers have had different ways of holding the females, but we have never gotten far enough to do lifts.


Wondering what the "best" grip (for the males) for grand jetés and lifts above the head (up and down like before a shoulder sit)?



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The most basic hold for a lift is round the waist with the palms flat against the body, thumbs and fingers trying to meet. This squeezes the waist in, so that the female's ribs are ontop of the upper side of the male's hands. If this isn't possible then a firm grip round the ribs is next best, but has a danger of slipping. A much looser grip is used to support pirouettes as you want sliding there.

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I’d recommend being taught how to do those properly, and make sure you have spotters and so on if you’re trying to do high lifts. The grip varies from lift to lift and pairing to pairing, so there isn’t a best one.

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If you have only been dancing a couple of years Aquai1121 then hopefully you are doing partnering work under supervision of a teacher! 
As this is not long to have acquired good technique!  Even with supervision it is easy for amateur dancers to injure each other in partner work( from personal experience) and this can put you off partner work altogether!! 
Professionals doing partner work have been dancing for some years and teachers know if they are strong enough etc to take on certain moves with a particular partner.  
It’s best to progress little steps at a time till really confident with less risky lifts etc before attempting lifts above the head and so on. 
Still I hope you can get the good advice here you are seeking but please make sure you are working with a teacher too. If they are giving different advice and you’ve been following this then you can find what seems to work best for you and your partner as it may vary slightly with different partners. 

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