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Meat Loaf RIP


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It's less than a year since I posted about the death of his "co-conspirator", Jim Steinman, but now Meat Loaf too has left us :(:




""If Bruce Springsteen can take it over the top, Meat Loaf can take it five storeys higher."


That's how Todd Rundgren, the producer of Bat Out Of Hell, described Meat Loaf's bombastic, operatic voice. He was one of a kind, larger than life - living proof that those clichés can be true."


That just about sums up his music - a real one-off.  I treasure the memory of him performing Paradise By The Dashboard Light onstage with great relish.


RIP, Meat.

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In the early 80s I saw him perform the whole of Bat out of Hell for The Old Grey Whistle Test. The mother of one of my flat mates worked for the BBC and got us tickets for the recording. An incredibly memorable occasion.  I am hoping BBC might  broadcast it now - providing they still have the tape!

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Sorry to hear he has passed away - but I have mixed feelings about 'Bat Out of Hell'. I started out liking the album - but in my middle year in University, was in a flat share with 2 friends, plus a friend of one of them to help spread the rent. Well, the friend only seemed to have the one album - you've guessed, BOoH. We heard it A LOT!

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