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Press Release: New shows this autumn at Sadler’s Wells

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Press Release: Thursday 15 July 2021 


New shows this autumn at Sadler’s Wells  

Lilian Baylis Studio reopens in September for the first time since March 2020, with performances announced today from Dan Daw, Nicola ConiberePagrav Dance Company and Akeim Toussaint Buck. 


At Sadler’s Wells Theatre, we announce performances from Candoco Dance Company, Dance Umbrella presenting Dimitris Papaioannou, Sadler’s Wells Associate Artist Jasmin VardimonRambert2Alain Platel, Botis Seva and Sadler’s Wells Associate Artist Akram Khan. 

Performances announced today at Peacock Theatre are The Rocky Horror Show, The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain, and Barely Methodical Troupe as part of London International Mime Festival. 
In line with UK Government guidelines allowing theatres to reopen fully from 19 July, these performances will be on sale at full capacity. 


Tickets for all newly announced events are on public sale from Tuesday 27 July at 10am via www.sadlerswells.com. Booking opens to members from Friday 23 July at 10am.  


Dan Daw Creative Projects                                                    LILIAN BAYLIS STUDIO   
The Dan Daw Show  
Thursday 30 September & Friday 1 October 2021  
Tickets: £17  

After curating a Wild Card evening in 2017, Dan Daw returns to Sadler’s Wells with a new London premiere, The Dan Daw Show. Having spent a lifetime being an inspiration to others, Dan seizes the moment to inspire himself and let go of who he once was, to make room for who he wants to be.  
Teaming up with theatre director, Mark Maughan (Petrification, The Claim), Dan is joined in an intimate evening of play by performer Christopher Owen (Joe Moran; Scottish Dance Theatre) where Dan takes back the power by being dominated on his own terms. The Dan Daw Show is a peep into the shiny and sweaty push-pull of living with shame, while bursting with pride. This is a show about care, intimacy, resilience and reclaiming yourself.  
The Dan Daw Show contains adult themes and sexual references. 
Dan Daw is Associate Artistic Director at Candoco and a Sadler’s Wells Summer University (2015-2018) artist.  


Normal Conditions / Nicola Conibere                                LILIAN BAYLIS STUDIO 
Thursday 14 & Friday 15 October 2021 
Tickets: £17 

Normal Conditions / Nicola Conibere make their Lilian Baylis Studio debut with Carareretetatakakekerersasking when and why bodies are thought to exceed themselves. 

Taking events like contagious laughter or ideas of idleness as choreographic proposals, Carareretetatakakekerers embraces interdependence. It asks what futures or planes of relation are possible when we recognise that we hold each other up. After all, self-reliance can be so austere. 


In Carareretetatakakekerers the performers will spend energy on getting nowhere, dancing against the music and tripping themselves up. They’ll channel all the training their bodies hold and see what happens. And they’ll take it slow when trying to find their place and need some care in the process. You’re welcome to watch. 


Candoco Dance Company  .  
Last Shelter & Set and Reset/Reset 
Friday 15 & Saturday 16 October  2021    
Tickets: £15 - £45   

Candoco Dance Company returns to the stage with a double bill from two boundary-breaking New York based choreographers. The evening begins with Set and Reset/Reset, a recreation of Trisha Brown Dance Company’s seminal Set and Reset. The dancers move with dream-like fluidity within a kaleidoscopic form to a driving Laurie Anderson score in their unique version of Trisha Brown’s choreography.  

In contrast, Jeanine Durning’s Last Shelter unfolds uniquely at each performance. Teetering at the edge of what could be in an ever-shifting environment, this choreography highlights the velocity and precision of each dancer’s decision-making from moment to moment. After a year of working invisibly through a pandemic, audiences witness the labour and desire of the dancer attending to themselves and one another.  

Dance Umbrella / Dimitris Papaioannou  
Transverse Orientation                                                               UK PREMIERE 
Thursday 21 - Saturday 23 October 2021   
Tickets: £15 - £45 

Three years after his sold-out debut at Sadler’s Wells with the Olivier-nominated The Great Tamer, Dimitris Papaioannou returns with his latest work Transverse Orientation, co-commissioned by Dance Umbrella and Sadler’s Wells.  


Papaioannou explores existential themes, mining mythology and art history to conjure vivid and often humorous imagery. Taking inspiration from the natural behaviour of moths to seek light, Transverse Orientation follows the human compulsion to find meaning on the journey of life. With a background in fine arts, Papaioannou’s creations blur theatre, experimental choreography and live performance to transform bodies and objects by illusion. Coming to international prominence following his direction of the 2004 Olympic ceremonies in Athens, his work has been seen by audiences across the world.   
Co-commissioned by Dance Umbrella and Sadler’s Wells 

The Rocky Horror Show                                                              PEACOCKTHEATRE
Wednesday 20 - Saturday 30 October 2021 
Tickets: £18 - £65 

Richard O’Brien’s legendary rock ‘n’ roll musical, The Rocky Horror Show returns as part of a sell-out worldwide tour, having been seen by over 30 million theatregoers. Starring Strictly Come Dancing winner Ore Oduba as Brad and directed by Christopher Luscombe, The Rocky Horror Show is a guaranteed party and features timeless classics, including Sweet Transvestite, Damn it Janet, and of course, the pelvic-thrusting, show-stopping Time Warp 
The Rocky Horror Show is the story of two squeaky clean college kids – Brad and his fiancée Janet. When by a twist of fate, their car breaks down outside a creepy mansion whilst on their way to visit their former college professor, they meet the charismatic Dr Frank’n’Furter. It is an adventure they’ll never forget, filled with fun, frolics, frocks, and frivolity.  
The Rocky Horror Show is suitable for ages 12 and above.  


Jasmin Vardimon Company  
Friday 29 October & Saturday 30 October 2021    
Tickets: £18 - £23  

“Simple yet elaborate, stark but magical, Pinocchio is a pretty impressive achievement”  The Times  


Award winning choreographer and Sadler’s Wells Associate Artist Jasmin Vardimon returns to Sadler’s Wells with her adaptation of the classic fairy tale, Pinocchio.   


Based on the original book by Collodi and performed by Jasmin Vardimon Company, Pinocchio brings to life the famous marionette as he embarks on his journey to becoming a human boy.   

Showcasing Vardimon’s uniquely theatrical choreography and directorial style, the work combines physical theatre, characterisation, technologies, text and dance to examine the idea of what it means to be human.  

Jasmin Vardimon is a Sadler’s Wells Associate Artist 

George Hinchcliffe’s The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain             PEACOCK THEATRE 
Wednesday 3 November 2021 
Tickets: £18 - £55 

The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain has plucked and sung, joked and whistled with the likes of Clean Bandit, Robbie Williams, Madness, Cat Stevens, The Ministry of Sound and Blue Peter. 
The world’s very first Ukulele Orchestra is not just about ukuleles; it is about entertainment, joy, fun, strum and artistry.  


Home & Killer Pig  
Thursday 11 - Saturday 13 November 2021  
Tickets: £15 - £45  

In February 2020, 11 early career artists were chosen to join the acclaimed Rambert2 ensemble debut as a company and unleash their creative forces with a double bill featuring the uncompromisingly physical Killer Pig by Sharon Eyal and new commission Home, by Micaela Taylor with hip hop, classical ballet and Gaga influences. 
Sharon Eyal is a Sadler’s Wells Associate Artist 


Pagrav Dance Company                                                         LILIAN BAYLIS STUDIO 
Kattam Katti 
Thursday 18 & Friday 19 November 2021  
Tickets: £17  

Pagrav Dance Company make their Lilian Baylis Debut. Kattam Katti taps into the competitive chaos, creativity and colour of Uttarayan, the world-famous International Kite Festival taking place in Gujurat, North India. The festival sees millions of people from different cities, religions and social classes come together to fly kites to mark the transition from winter into spring.  

Rooted in classical Indian Kathak styles fused with contemporary storytelling and design, Pagrav Dance Company brings stories to life with enchanting lyricism, technique and drama.  

Audiences are invited into the highs and lows, loves and losses of the festival and ultimately of their connections with each other, drawing parallels with universal themes of society’s inequalities. 


Choreographed by Urja Desai Thakore, Kattam Katti is performed by a new generation of British dancers of Indian heritage and accomplished musicians playing specially composed music live, to create joyous and uplifting experience. 

Akram Khan Company 
Carnival of Shadows: the beginning of a third decade of storytelling 

Over the past 20 years, Akram Khan Company has evolved by retelling ancient myths to speak to us now, to constantly reinventing itself in order to reflect the world as it changes. 


Long-standing Sadler's Wells Associate Artist Akram Khan shares his thoughts about a unique journey that has brought the Company to a new beginning: “These past 20 years have been of an epic undertaking with the Akram Khan Company producer Farooq Chaudhry and our incredible team. We chose to seek out artists from across the world and gather not just their remarkable expertise and talent, but their different insights into the fundamental questions of why we dance, and how can we bring stories that may have been forgotten, erased, or hiding in the shadows to the frontline of our rapidly changing global arena. The beguiling thing about this very moment, is that I feel the past 20 years have been about finding my voice. And now that that voice is more present in the global community, it feels so exciting to start using it and discover its range into the future - starting with Carnival of Shadows. A celebration of our work and vision at Sadler’s Wells, my dancing home for the last 16 years.” 


The programme has been curated by Akram Khan with works that represent the cyclical nature of the Company’s journey. Carnival of Shadows opens with the UK premiere of their ensemble work that speaks on humanity’s relationship to the natural world, Outwitting the Devil. Returning to Sadler’s Wells for its final UK performances, Khan’s Olivier award winning solo XENOS reflects on the brutality of the First World War to mirror our current tumultuous times. The Lilian Baylis will see performances of Chotto Xenos, a captivating dance theatre production inspired by XENOS. This family show takes young audiences back in time to explore the often forgotten and untold stories of soldiers from colonialised nations during World War 1 and to shine light on our present and future. 

Akram Khan Company  
Outwitting the Devil  
Tuesday 23 - Saturday 27 November 2021  
Tickets: £15 - £65  

Receiving its UK premiere at Sadler’s Wells is Akram Khan’s highly-acclaimed production exploring ritual and remembering in the midst of our ever-changing planet, Outwitting the Devil. 
Like Kaash, based on the pantheon of Hindu gods, and Until the Lions, re-imagining the experience of one of Mahabharata’s female protagonists, Outwitting the Devil draws on the ancient narrative of Mesopotamian Epic of Gilgamesh - one of the world’s oldest works of literature. In this powerful opus, the gods punish a young King Gilgamesh for destroying a legendary cedar forest and killing its guardian Humbaba.  


Weaving the narrative and design is Khan’s close collaborators: dramaturg Ruth Little, composer Vincenzo Lamagna, rehearsal director Mavin Khoo, costume designer Kimie Nakano, and writer Jordan Tannahill. They are joined by lighting designer Aideen Malone and visual designer Tom Scutt, alongside a cast of six international dance artists.   

A Sadler’s Wells co-production 

Akram Khan Company  
Tuesday 30 November - Saturday 4 December 2021  
Tickets: £15 - £75  

“a work of defining greatness, and a fitting farewell to a stage career that has illuminated British dance” The Observer.   


Following its Olivier Award in 2019 for Outstanding Achievement in Dance, Akram Khan returns to the stage, alongside five world-class musicians, to present the final UK performances of the critically acclaimed solo, XENOS  


Shifting between kathak and contemporary dance, Khan conjures the shell-shocked dream of a colonial soldier in the First World War. Meaning ‘stranger’ or ‘foreigner’, XENOS takes place on the border between East and West, past and present, mythology and technology, where humanity stands in wonder and disarray.   
A stellar creative team includes Sadler’s Wells Associate Artist; lighting designer Michael Hulls, dramaturg Ruth Little, playwright Jordan Tannahill, designer Mirella Weingarten, costume designer Kimie Nakano and composer Vincenzo Lamagna.   

A Sadler’s Wells co-production 


Akram Khan Company                                                LILIAN BAYLIS STUDIO  
Chotto Xenos  
Thursday 2 & Friday 3 December 2021  
Tickets: £18  

How does war begin? And how does it end? It depends on who is telling the story. 

Reimagined by Sue Buckmaster, creator of the acclaimed Chotto DeshChotto Xenos weaves together choreography by Akram Khan, lighting design by Guy Hoare, costumes by Kimie Nakano, and evocative visuals by Lucy Cash.  
Mounted on a set by Ingrid Hu, this family show incorporates original music by Domenico Angarano inspired by Vincenzo Lamagna’s score for XENOS  
Akram Khan is a Sadler’s Wells Associate Artist


Alain Platel, Frank Van Laecke, Steven Prengels / NTGent & les ballets C de la B  
Gardenia - 10 years later   
Tuesday 16 & Wednesday 17 November 2021  
Tickets: £20 - £25  

Having originally premiered in 2010 and staged at Sadler’s Wells in 2011, Gardenia allowed us a glimpse into the private lives of a remarkable group of older artists who effortlessly navigated gender expression.  


Over 10 years on, eight members of the cast are reunited. Gardenia – 10 years later is an insight into their turbulent lives, showcasing the most intimate of tales about hope, and cherished or lost illusions. Directed by Frank Van Laecke and Alain Platel, with composer Steven Prengels, the Olivier Award nominated Gardenia – 10 years later explores lifelong bonds, transformation and an unimaginable will to survive.   



Botis Seva  
Botis Seva’s BLKDOG  
Friday 19 & Saturday 20 November 2021  
Tickets: £20 - £25  

BLKDOG is Botis Seva’s Olivier award-winning haunting commentary on surviving adulthood as a childlike artist. A genre-defying blend of hip hop dance and free form antics, BLKDOG explores the inner battlefield of an ageing artist trying to retain his youth.   
With music from long standing collaborator Torben Lars Sylvest and performed by Botis’ powerhouse company Far From The NormBLKDOG searches for coping mechanisms in the ultimate hunt for acceptance. BLKDOG runs at Sadler’s Wells as part of a UK and International Tour.   

A Sadler’s Wells Co-production 

Wild Card: Akeim Toussaint Buck                           LILIAN BAYLIS STUDIO 
Radical Visions 
Thursday 20 & Friday 21 January 2022  
Tickets: £17  

Wild Card returns with more offerings from a new generation of artists, invited to curate their own night. This January, Sadler’s Wells welcomes Akeim Toussaint Buck to the Lilian Baylis Studio to present his Wild Card, Radical Visions.  
Featuring live music, film and powerful performance, the evening showcases artists who work with the themes of social transformation and diasporic identity, to celebrate the resilience and joy of their communities whilst highlighting the oppression and trauma they face. The evening features work by Fubunation and Alethia Antonia, alongside the film Windows, Toussaint Buck's cinematic reimagining of his acclaimed solo Windows of Displacement, exploring race, identity, unity and power. 

Co-produced by Sadler's Wells and Akeim Toussaint Buck. 



London International Mime Festival                        PEACOCK THEATRE 
Barely Methodical Troupe 
Wednesday 26 - Saturday 29 January 2022 
Tickets: £18 - £45 
The UK’s hottest circus company, Barely Methodical Troupe, bring their hit production KIN to the Peacock Theatre. Tumbling, flying and catching become challenges and opportunities as seven performers compete for recognition in this show about group dynamics and friendship. 

Featuring humour, emotion and physical prowessBarely Methodical Troupe are at the forefront of a new kind of physical performance, creating entertaining shows that mix the show-stopping acrobatics of circus with the emotional punch of theatre. 




Covid Safety   
In order to help artists, audiences and staff members to feel safe and enjoy these performances, Sadler’s Wells has introduced a series of safety measures and is closely following all UK Government guidance in presenting these events. Ticket bookers will be sent full information about all coronavirus safety measures in advance of the performance, so that they may plan accordingly and feel as secure as possible during their visit. These guidelines are also available on Sadler’s Wells’ website via the following link, which we keep updated with the latest information, as soon as we have it. If these performances are unable to be presented due to changes to the UK Government’s coronavirus restrictions, customers will be contacted as soon as possible and given the option to receive a full refund. Sadler's Wells, alongside all companies performing in upcoming events, have also followed recommended UK Government protocols in order ensure the safety of all artists and crew involved by creating performances in a covid-secure environment.    

Sadler’s Wells 

Sadler's Wells is a world-leading dance organisation. We make and share dance that inspires us all. Our acclaimed year-round programme spans dance of every kind, from contemporary to flamenco, Bollywood to ballet, salsa to street dance and tango to tap. 


We commission, produce and present more dance than any other organisation in the world. Since 2005, we have helped to bring close to 200 new dance works to the stage, embracing both the popular and the unknown. 


Each year, over half a million people visit our three London theatres. Many more attend our touring productions nationally and internationally or explore our digital platforms, including Sadler’s Wells Digital Stage. In 2023 we’re opening a fourth London venue in London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, to sit alongside our Sadler’s Wells Theatre, Lilian Baylis Studio and Peacock Theatre. Sadler’s Wells’ new space will house a 550-seat mid-scale theatre, as well as facilities for a choreographic centre and a hip hop theatre academy.  


Supporting artists is at the heart of our work. We have associate artists and companies, which nurture some of the most exciting talent working in dance today. We host the National Youth Dance Company, which draws together some of the brightest young dancers from across the country. Sadler’s Wells Breakin' Convention runs professional development programmes to champion and develop the world’s best hip hop artists, as well as producing, programming and touring groundbreaking hip hop performances.  


Around 30,000 people take part in our learning and engagement programmes every year. We support schools local to our theatres in Islington and Stratford, designing experiences for children and young people to watch, explore and critically engage with the arts. We also run Company of Elders, a resident performance company of dancers aged over 60 who rehearse with renowned artists to make new work for public performances locally, nationally and internationally. 


Sadler’s Wells is an Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisation 

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Looking at Sadler's website I also spotted a one-off show organised by Ivan Putrov on Sept 7th





"Putrov productions and I-Do Lab present Ukrainian Ballet Gala, a unique celebration of the tradition and innovation of Ukrainian culture.

Ukrainian dancers from American Ballet Theatre, Wiener Staatsballett, Lithuanian National Ballet and Toulouse Ballet du Capitole join stars from The Royal Ballet and English National Ballet in a programme which spans The Dying Swan, Don Quixote and Le Corsaire to System A/I, a contemporary ballet premiere from choreographer, Ludovic Ondiviela and dramaturg Olga Danylyuk.

Dancers performing include Matthew Ball, Cesar Corrales, Mayara Magri, Isaac Hernandez, Denys Cherevychko, Natalia de Froberville, Olesya Shaitanova and artists of the Ukrainian National Ballet."


Tickets look expensive. 

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His last programme at the Coliseum was wonderful so I hope this one will be too.  Nice to see Ludovico Ondiviela’s name again.  

I hardly dare to look at the ticket prices…😬😬

Actually you can sit at the top of the second circle for £20!

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