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Advanced Ballet Classes in Oxfordshire

Louisa Hadari

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Hi, I'm looking for a dance school in the Oxfordshire area. I'm 17 and decided against auditioning for vocational school this year but am dancing near vocational level ballet. I am looking for a good class to go to daily as I've just moved and I don't want to lose my daily class routine. Any suggestions? 

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Don't know if you're within commuting distance of Oxford, but you could try Susie Crowe's classes & those of her colleagues. You can find details here:



and an archive about Ballet in Small Spaces here:




Dr Crow, and her colleagues (such as Segolene Tart) are wonderful practitioners - really thinking dancers & teachers. Very safe but challenging. 


These are for adults, so at the moment are virtual. As you're under 18, of course you'll be able to attend in-person classes at studios. I hope you find the right one!

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Hi Louisa, I am based in the Vale of White Horse and, like you, have struggled in the past to know where to find good classes (seems to be a closely held secret!) in the area.  However, there is Downland Dance, based in Abingdon and Didcot, that run lovely, happy classes.  Also Dance Barn who run classes in West Oxfordshire (the principal is a really lovely person).  In Wantage there is Karen Brind and a fairly new school American School of Dance.  There are numerous other schools around the county but you don't say where in Oxfordshire you are based.  My DDs both started dancing with Karen Brind and loved their time there.  My eldest left to go to vocational school and I ended up taking my younger DD into Swindon (as she wanted to do festivals) where there are lots of good options, she's currently at Swindon Academy of Dance based at Wilkes in West Swindon and loving it. She also dances at Swindon Dance based in central Swindon on their Steps2 contemporary training programme.


Good luck with your search. I'm sure you will find somewhere you like.

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