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  1. Back when I started learning pointe in the early 1980's, we didn't have soft blocks (not sure that you could even get them). We simply used our dead pointe shoes. My DD thinks this is ridiculous whenever I suggest she do the same (her pointe shoe habit at vocational school is utterly ridiculous in my eyes as she can kill a pair of Freeds in one class and could kill Gaynor Mindens in a week!). I'd say, if you find your dead pointes comfortable enough then do wear them as your soft pointes.
  2. Thank you! I'll wait to hear back from you ...!
  3. is the Ballet Rosa one still for sale? I would be very interested in it if so!
  4. There have been two confirmed cases - one in lower School and one in upper school. And yes, Birmingham is also in an area of enhanced measures plus hole school been mixing more due to rehearsals etc in the run up to the summer shows. Hence why PHE have insisted all year groups to be sent home to isolate.
  5. No shows as think last night was supposed to be the first one. Whole school shut with all students to isolate now at home and hope they haven’t brought the virus with them. So sad and my DD gutted.
  6. My DD auditioned for Y8 places in the knowledge that a place was highly unlikely and it was just for audition practice. She ended up being invited to finals at White Lodge and Elmhurst. WL only took one of the 6 finalists that year and Elmhurst none but she then was offered a Y8 place following summer school. For her, the knowledge that a place was so unlikely made her super relaxed in the auditions so she was able to thoroughly enjoy the classes without feeling under any pressure. So I’d say go in with zero expectations other than to enjoy a day out having the opportunity to dance in fantastic studios with lovely teachers. And anything else would be the fairy dust!
  7. Girls tend to wear any leotards they like paired with practice skirts throughout the classes. But definitely take a black leotard and black skirt for the sharing of work performance. Although there was more variety in the practice skirts at the senior session performance two years ago. My DD loves this particular summer school and has only missed one in Y8 since she was old enough to go. Now in upper school and going again this year. Hopefully all the new dancers will enjoy it as much too.
  8. My DD has been to both junior and senior summer schools in the past and is going again this year. The groups are usually based on age firstly, especially if not known to the school previously, then ability from what we’ve seen in the past
  9. This is something I've always wondered too!
  10. Hi Louisa, I am based in the Vale of White Horse and, like you, have struggled in the past to know where to find good classes (seems to be a closely held secret!) in the area. However, there is Downland Dance, based in Abingdon and Didcot, that run lovely, happy classes. Also Dance Barn who run classes in West Oxfordshire (the principal is a really lovely person). In Wantage there is Karen Brind and a fairly new school American School of Dance. There are numerous other schools around the county but you don't say where in Oxfordshire you are based. My DDs both started dancing with Karen Brind and loved their time there. My eldest left to go to vocational school and I ended up taking my younger DD into Swindon (as she wanted to do festivals) where there are lots of good options, she's currently at Swindon Academy of Dance based at Wilkes in West Swindon and loving it. She also dances at Swindon Dance based in central Swindon on their Steps2 contemporary training programme. Good luck with your search. I'm sure you will find somewhere you like.
  11. The Costa on Pershore Road is open plus there’s a Shell garage on Pershore Road that certainly has a loo that was open during the first Lockdown. We tend to stop at the last services on M40 the way in and do another stop on the way out.
  12. My DD made the same decision last year, although she chose to walk away from a place at Central rather than ENBS, as she was definitely not ready to live independently in London as a very young 16 year old. A year on, she is very glad she made the decision to stay on for Upper School where she was already known and is having the best time she says. I'm just thankful she has no regrets!
  13. No she never made the reserve list for either year! So was a pleasant surprise to receive the email.
  14. It happened to my DD. She got to finals for Y7 & Y8 but no place. Then two weeks into the September term she was offered the opportunity to join her year group for an assessment class with Mr Parker. She started at the school following the half term of Y8. So yes it does happen.
  15. I agree, especially as was illustrated last summer with one such school up in Scotland.
  16. Glowlight, I also see the rest period as being essential for vocational students. Something I had to explain to my DD when she was younger and seeing other students at the same school dancing at numerous weekend events during term time plus holiday intensives week after week both at Easter time and during the summer. She did get to understand that choosing one or two intensives carefully during the summer made more sense for her body's ability to learn after a hard terms/year (as well as helped the very stretched coffers). I've also ensured she always had the first week of the summer holidays as rest after the frenetic last two weeks of term with shows etc.
  17. I spoke with the AD at Elmhurst a few years ago on this subject and he said to me "No more than 2 weeks over the summer" was recommended "to ensure sufficient rest time for students". I also asked for any recommendations which he was more reluctant to give although he approved attendance at OPES and Yorkshire Ballet Summer School for my DD in the past with no problems.
  18. It’s Finals that you get the different sizes envelopes. Prelim results all come in the same sized small envelope.
  19. In recent years Elmhurst has sufficient MDS awards for all who require it and meet all the criteria. Hammond and Tring have a very few available for each year group.
  20. My DD had to do these last year. She included in her Rambert one info about what drew her to start learning contemporary aged 10.5 and went from there, plus why she was applying to Rambert. Doesn’t need to be too long, just in her voice to tell them more about her. Good luck and tell her not to stress about it.
  21. I agree too. My DD chose to stay on after 4 years in their LS and is so happy that she did (as are her father and I). She says that she couldn’t be happier and that she doesn’t regret turning down a well known London school at all. But I know the school isn’t for everyone but I think that’s the case of a lot of schools out there.
  22. Hopefully not as all the vocational schools also teach academics and academics are to continue! However, what that will mean for associate classes at a vocational school now I don't know. I guess we have to wait to see what the early part of the week brings as, yet again, it appears the government were caught on the hop and really haven't thought through all the necessary permutations. I have been sent a link to petition by my younger DD's local dance school and will try to add the link here as some of you lovely forum people may like to sign it too. https://www.change.org/p/boris-johnson-government-to-agree-that-dance-is-an-educational-art-form-not-just-a-hobby?recruiter=72855610&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=share_petition&utm_term=G>Search>SAP>UK>NonBrand>BMM&recruited_by_id=555a7930-6282-11e3-83f3-93e9c2b829f7&utm_content=fht-25591308-en-gb%3A3
  23. Unfortunately we were required to provide a letter of permission from her current vocational school to RBS which wasn’t forthcoming. But then with the state of current COVID infections I am quite relieved we gave back the place so she’s not travelling!! But agree some definitely attend without asking for permissions.
  24. Not without permission which, in my DD’s experience, was not granted. I think a number of students may attend other programmes without proper permission from their school!
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