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  1. Happymum that’s extortionate! Will be crossing off our list too I think which is a shame on one hand (but not the other!!).
  2. Our local CAT provider runs an audition only contemporary scheme for 9-13 year olds as a precursor to the CATthey often don’t take 11 year old girls into the CAT, preferring they do the other scheme first. My older DD was advised such when she auditioned for the CAT and my younger DD, now 9, auditioned and was accepted onto the precursor programmer and is loving it. Mind you, her ballet teacher is very old school and doesn’t believe children should do any scheme outside her school unless it’s Royal (my younger DD is also an Elmhurst associate) so we’re doing this with her knowledge but not her agreement. So I would say let your DD try it and see what she thinks.
  3. Year 14 is the graduate year although the school is now referring to this year as EBC (Elmhurst Ballet Company). Students who have attended since Y12 will have completed A levels and be completing their diplomas as well as doing the audition circuit for jobs to go on to. In the few years i’ve been associated with the school, this is the first time i’ve seen a Y14 specific audition notice. I personally think the advent of EBC ( first performances were this year) they have a need for more dancers as they have bigger plans for the company next academic year.
  4. My younger DD is currently 8.5 & in Year 4. She is in Grade 2 ballet and just about to take her exam. She is also an Elmhurst associate. She only does the one ballet class locally a week but also does tap, jazz and a private lesson working on a variety of styles for her festival dances every week on top of her weekly associates. My elder DD didn’t get serious until she was in Y6 when she was Gr2 ballet and did one lesson a week of ballet & tap plus RBS JAs that she started that year. She’s now in her third year at vocational school. We were advised to up her ballet hours and I am looking to do this for my younger daughter come September. But be proud of your DD. She did really well to get to finals which shows she has got something. Perhaps try for another associates, i’m not sure if Elmhurst run classes near you but you might not be too late to apply there?
  5. Ballet Cymru run an associates programme in Newport - one Sunday a month with an annual performance at the Riverfront theatre in July if the distance is possible. Lovely company & teachers.
  6. And we have found they (Elmhurst) add on to your income any pension contributions your employer makes which, in our case, has nullified the sum we can take off for other children at home. Sadly the RBS calculator doesn’t allow for this. It is affordable but only just. PS congrats to your dancers for getting the offers, that alone is fantastic
  7. Oops! Typo. Definitely 8:45am start.
  8. My youngest is currently a Y4 young dancer. Ballet class starts at 7:45, finishes at 10:15 (AM). They also have the option of doing Jazz which is an hour class starting at 10:30. She absolutely loves both classes. We live in Oxfordshire so a bit of a trek with an early start. Lessons are weekly. Good luck to your dancer if she auditions, it is a lovely scheme.
  9. Thank you so much, I hadn't heard of these and have now done a quick search. I have also written to the school's AD to ask whether she should be assessed by the school's new physio with regard to her turnout, particularly when the original information he gave us is in total contradiction of her currect teacher.
  10. I've just got off the phone with my DD who has discovered she has lost marks previously gained on last year's assessment at vocation school with regards to her turnout. She has been battling a knee injury for most of the last year and thinks this is what has helped weaken her turnout strength but her teacher, she says, doesn't give her clear corrections, rather she prods and points at her. The AD of the school told us previously that he believes she has full turnout capibility but lacks the required strength to maintain it but her current teacher is saying she has limited turnout. Next year is her big year for Upper school audtions and she is now in quite a state. Could anyone more knowledgeable than me (not difficult as I'm neither a dance teacher or a physio!) be able to give me some generic exercises she could do that would help strengthen her turnout muscles? Many thanks,
  11. My DD has just told me that a boy at Elmhurst has also been offered RBS upper school which is fantastic.
  12. Is this still available and, if so, could I see a pic as very interested? Thanks
  13. With ref to a Y8 finals place, my DD was in this situation 3 years ago when she was one of six lucky enough to be invited to finals to compete for the one place available. I understood at that time that 5 had been invited the year before so it will be a very select few recalled. Hope that helps for those among us (myself included) who find the stats useful! Congrats to all so far.
  14. Congrats to your DD Peanut66. So pleased to hear of another positive result from the auditions.
  15. Results of the auditions are certainly filtering out. In a bit of a state of shock as my eldest DD has been offered a bursary (she felt she did really badly at the audition so I was fully expecting a thank you but no email). Now trying to work out the logistics of actually getting her there and back. Good luck to everyone still waiting.
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