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  1. The MA class in Bath is mixed only in terms of age groups ie Y7, Y8 & Y9 girls altogether in the one class. Boys all go to London I believe for a boys only class.
  2. My DD has just been offered a place for Advanced Associaties in London
  3. Having a DD in Y11 at Elmhurst and the other a Y5 young dancer there, I know they have very few teachers able to actually offer the vocational children dance lessons in the week so those that are teaching are doing all year groups. I personally feel asking them to also take on the associates classes on the weekends is too much as they need a rest plus associates classes are often larger. So I am not upset that my younger DD has no classes other than her standard home ones.
  4. My DD has also handed her offer back as she’s decided on a different school. Good luck all those on the waiting list.
  5. Mids in Bath always used to be afternoons, JA2 the only class that switched around.
  6. Finally arrived with here to with a yes for my DD. Well done all and good luck to those still waiting for their email.
  7. we're still waiting for the email - seems to be taking an age to come through. DD like a cat on a hot tin roof, particularly as some of her friends have had their results (about an hour ago!).
  8. Many Congratulations to him, that’s really good news. He has obviously worked I credibly hard since then. My DD also has a place to continue which is a relief.
  9. Not 100% sure but my DD and one of her friends did the exercises as shown and played them back on a laptop whilst they did them so that they also had the same music. My DD felt that was easier than trying to source music with the right count etc.
  10. We’ve been told already that fees will be due as normal at Elmhurst. Provided I still earn then I am happy to do so as the staff need paying and I want there to be a fully functioning school for my DD to return to.
  11. I've just one from Cannons UK as also need one for vacational student. Should be delivered this Tuesday and cost £79 with no postage. Might be easier?
  12. Lower school finals did. Upper school finals were scheduled for next Wednesday and they have been cancelled.
  13. Watch this space ref Elmhurst Upper School finals next week as the school is shutting this Friday, in line with all other UK schools.
  14. Not since the email sent last Friday.
  15. Unless we hear otherwise I am going with the last email I had and will be there with my DD.
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