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  1. P ***Exciting New Opportunity*** Kes Earnshaw is running a choreography project from the 9-12th August (Monday - Thursday) at Yorkshire Dance in Leeds. Kes is a dance teacher currently embarking on a career in choreography and this opportunity is a fabulous chance to participate in a creative performance and gain new skills working with a choreographer, as well as benefiting from the beautiful YD studios. The project will explore the impact of Lockdown on the way we relate physically to the world and will find ways to express how our emotional landscape shifts when we are working in a confined space as opposed to an open one. Kes is very much an "in the moment" choreographer, who enjoys taking inspiration from the individual dancers she works with. The project will culminate in a live performance on Friday 13th. We will also be making shorter video recordings throughout the week. The performance will be outdoor (FlashMob style) but we hope (restriction dependent) to also give a performance in Yorkshire Dance. Each day will start with a full, Advanced-level ballet class (with modifications possible for dancers who have not been in training for a while, or who may be recovering from injury). The opportunity is free however accommodation is not provided so bear this in mind when applying. If this sounds like the chance for you please read on for our application specifications. We are limited to 9 dancers so please send an application in as soon as possible! *** What we are looking for *** Kes is interested in dancers of all ages and disciplines, so you can be pre-vocational or ex-professional a street dancer or a swan. The only requirement is that you have a strong ballet training as the choreography will demand it. Training in a non-ballet discipline is a plus, however, so we welcome dancers with experience in Contemporary/Hip hop/Bollywood/Flamenco/Modern/Jazz and any other style that will have increased your range of movement. To apply please send a short summary (no more than 500 words) of your training and any previous experience (previous experience is NOT essential so please don't be put off if you have only just begun training) to kes.earnshaw@protonmail.com. If you already have an audition tape please send it but do NOT worry if you do not as this is not essential. Please also send a piece of music that you feel reflects your lockdown experience. If you have any questions about the project or the audition process please call 07388090927. Looking forward to seeing your applications! Louisa Hadari, Admin. Like Comment Share
  2. Hi, I'm 17 and my sister is 15. We're looking for some in-person ballet/character/Contemporary competitions this summer. Anyone know any that are running? We're based in West Yorkshire but can probably get up to London. Devon Sussex etc more difficult. Thanks in advance. X
  3. Hi, I'm looking for a dance school in the Oxfordshire area. I'm 17 and decided against auditioning for vocational school this year but am dancing near vocational level ballet. I am looking for a good class to go to daily as I've just moved and I don't want to lose my daily class routine. Any suggestions?
  4. Hi, @elfinwould you mind posting a pic so I know I'm buying the right one? Thnx! X
  5. Hi, Starting BBA senior associate programme this Sunday, anyone know where to find the uniform Hunter Green leotard? It says it's available from Capezio but I can't find it...
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