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Jane Howarth retires from English National Ballet after 37 years

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I've just found this Farewell to Jane Howarth on ENB's YouTube Channel.


Jane joined English National Ballet in 1983 and is retiring from the company after 37 years.  She seemed omnipresent in performances when I first started watching ballet in 1984 and I always enjoyed watching her.  I remember her being a wonderful Sylph in La Sylphide and, of course, a couple of years ago she was a wonderful Madge in the same ballet.


Very best wishes to Jane for the future.  Thanks for all the memories.



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I can't believe she's going: through all my decades of LFB/ENB-going she's been the one constant in a company which changed frequently.  And I've just finished watching her excellent performance as Madge in La Sylphide.  She's certainly going to be missed.

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Just as she was able to portray many different roles and make the transition from dancing to character roles, so Jane was effective and engaging in many areas offstage. She has been part of the fabric of ENB and she will be very much missed.

Thank you Jane!

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