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Dame Vera Lynn RIP

Jan McNulty

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Yes this is very sad news. She meant a lot to my parents and grand parents they all loved her so she must have touched them all during those war years and if her songs came on the radio they would always automatically join in!! 

I have a very early memory of my grand dad somewhat inebriated singing the classic “there’ll be bluebirds over........”millions of people will be able to finish that line! 
I hadn’t realised she had started her career quite so young!! But she never let her fame go to her head and did an awful lot of charity work remembering those less fortunate than herself. 
There was a rather nice picture of her released on her 103rd birthday not that long ago and this seems to capture just what a lovely lady she was. 
What a long and productive life but sad all the same and a sense of loss at such an icon though am sure she never saw herself as one ❤️

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33 minutes ago, LinMM said:

Yes this is very sad news. She meant a lot to my parents and grand parents

Yes, I think many of us will feel the same. She somehow portrayed the essential selflessness of that generation. Very sad indeed. 


1 hour ago, Jan McNulty said:

I know she had lived a very long life but she's another lady I thought would go on forever.

A long life can make its passing felt even more keenly, no doubt due, in part, to those feelings, Jan. 

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