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Vienna Festival Ballet - 2012 tour

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The Radlett Centre, Radlett,

Evening Show, Saturday 20 October


This was a company I had not seen before, now criss-crossing the UK with mainly one-night performances at venues that I suspect don't otherwise see much ballet. And a declaration at the start - I was there with two of the previous teachers of some of the 15-strong cast, out to see how their erstwhile pupils were doing.


Well, let me say that I enjoyed the evening, thanks to a young, energetic troupe clearly committed to putting on a good show on a fairly restricted stage. The staging was simple but attractive, and the costumes colourful and first-rate. The Swanilda and Franz roles were well put across, supported by good soloists and a small but enthusiastic corps. I can certainly recommend them, should they be coming your way before early December.


And the reasons for our being there acquitted themselves well, and I wish them all the very best in their future careers.

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Thank you, Ian. I reviewed this company for the original Ballet.co site probably a decade or more ago, that time in a rather cut-down Swan Lake which I wasn't too impressed with, but I seem to remember noting that they were also touring Coppelia, and said I thought it would suit them rather better than Swan Lake did. Pleased to hear I was right.

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They are touring this autumn 2013  with Snow White - so thought we would try them as dd  and I have never seen Snow White as a ballet production.  thought I'd have a quick search to see if any  have see this company before and hoping  above comments will mean this production may suit as well.  What is nice is that they do tour the smaller venues which means we can watch a ballet fairly local.

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I saw them a couple of times in my early ballet-watching days in the mid-80s when they came to Liverpool so I am a bit out of date!


I've had a look at the website, blummin' 'eck they get around a bit!


I think they'd be worth a punt - and don't forget to tell us what you think.....

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