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Advice please on foundation to colour pointe shoes


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Hi, DD messaged me to buy light-medium colour foundation for her to use on her pointe shoes.....

I've heard in good old days (my era!) of using Pan Stick foundation on shoes but I'm anxious to make sure I get the best option (& at reasonable price) bearing in mind also that this is needed asap & I get told on a Bank Holiday weekend!! Certainly no time to get special order of an already flesh colour/matt shoe!

Any advice on what to buy & how best to apply would be great - especially also on 'fixing' any colour as would hate to think of it rubbing off onto tights & costumes -aghhh!

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How light/dark does she need?  Calamine lotion is one of the traditional ways of doing it.  Just use a wad of cotton wool.  Not too much at a time as you will destroy the pointe shoe if it gets too wet.  Pan cake foundation is another way, i.e. a dry cake that you wet with a sponge, but it often seems to come out darker than you expect from the tint.

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Thanks fir the reply Pas de Quatre

Was told by DD light-medium foundation colour so am guessing it’s not just about dulling or making the satin Matt but adding a colour too.....Think I shall try ask a Q of wardrobe to be in safe side as I can’t go buy it  til Tuesday now anyhow! 

So nervous in case I get it wrong.....😬

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