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RDB: Thomas Lund's farewell

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A truly extraordinary evening - wonderful performances followed by a simply huge outpouring of love and gratitude from both company and audience - tears, flowers, and a seemingly endless ovation - I don't expect to experience another like this, ever.


(Proper 'review' to follow!)

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Lovely report Jane, thanks. I'm so glad I had seen him perform, you summed his qualities up beautifully.


Just as a side note, Thomas Lund led a group of RDB dancers to Sadler's Wells in 2005. There was an openclass on the Saturday morning that my friend was told was sold out. She wrote to Thomas Lund to thank him for his wonderful performances we had seen in Copenhagen and mentioned that she hadn't been able to get a ticket for the class. He liaised with Sadler's Wells and, hey presto, she was able to get a ticket. It is the measure of a true star.

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