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In Conversation: Edward Watson and Rick Guest, 11th January

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This one had rather slipped under the radar, until a kind friend sent it to me!  7 pm at the National Portrait Gallery.  (Happens to be the same day as the Royal Ballet in Studio events, if anyone's coming down for those, and might be useful to anyone who missed a presumably related event at the ROH)




"Edward Watson, Principal at The Royal Ballet, and photographer Rick Guest talk to Dance Critic Sarah Crompton to celebrate the publication of a landmark portfolio of portraits that honour both his career and spirit."

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"He is both the only British male Principal currently performing and is the longest serving Principal at The Royal Ballet."

But he is unfortunately not currently performing, and what about Matthew Ball?

Also Nunez and Bonelli have been Principals at the RB longer.

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49 minutes ago, MAX said:

He should say :  This is what Wayne McGregor does to your body.....


Except that McGregor isn't, as far as I can see, responsible for any of it.


9 minutes ago, capybara said:


Many inaccuracies in this article


Taken from the publicity, as I think we discussed in relation to the original release of the portfolio?  Or something.  I know I've seen it before.

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