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Training etc. in Amsterdam


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Hi, just literally putting feelers out, in very very early stages of possibly moving to Amsterdam. DD is ten, year 5, RBS ja and currently very serious about trying for vocational schools. Just wondering if any one knew about training opportunities in Amsterdam should we consider this move further. Thanks in advance. 

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You should make enquiries at The National Ballet Academy at the National Academy of Theatre and Dance, Amsterdam University of the Arts.

Here is some info on training for 8 to 10 year olds,   For older children there is a preliminary course.

Incidentally, Ernst Meisner, who trained  at the Royal Ballet School and danced with the Royal Ballet for many years and now runs the Junior Company of the National Ballet, has recently been appointed artistic director of the Academy (see Dutch National Ballet's website),

I wish your daughter every success in her studies and you a very pleasant time in Amsterdam.


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