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  1. @RachHof course, I’ll message you. Can post tomorrow x
  2. I have the first three levels. All good clean condition. white children’s size 3 £5 blue children’s size 3 £5 liliac ladies small. £4 looks a little more worn plus post prob large letter.
  3. I’ll message you all now to whats ap the pics x
  4. Away for a week, will send pic next weekend. It’s the navy shell type two piece tracksuit the associates wear x
  5. Bloch Cuban geek character shoes. size 5.5 and size 6. £13 a pair including post.
  6. Elmhurst associate official tracksuit. Great condition. Age 11/13. £25 including postage.
  7. Tops

    Dance wear

    Degas warm up and two skirts sold x
  8. Tops

    Dance wear

    Grishko dungarees, grishko sauna shorts and practive tutu all sold.
  9. Tops

    Degas 9501

    Begonia and Camelia now sold. Ciel still available.
  10. 3 degas 9501. Age 14 years. begonia meryl ciel oprea Lycra camellia Lycra The two Lycra are front lined. The ciel has a little bobbling centra back from character skirt. Barely noticeable but worth a mention. ciel £25 begonia and camelia £30 price includes post
  11. Tops

    Dance wear

    @swanprincessYes those are available, I can post them tomorrow ? I will message you x
  12. Tops

    Dance wear

    @Ballet2008 tutu in the post, I have messaged you x
  13. Big sort out: Character skirt with blue ribbons. 24 waist, 26 length. Needs new Velcro or some poppers. £8 plus post. capezio black practice tutu. XS. £10 plus post. Bloch jazz pants. V front. Worn once. 12-14 years. £10 plus post. grishko black dungaree type to knee warm up. XS. £10 plus post. grishko dark pink sauna pants to knee. XXS. As new. £10 plus post. Bloch character shoes. Cuban heel. Size 5.5. £8 plus post. love lily red chiffon wrap short skirt. Gorgeous. £5 plus post. would be XS size. Just Jess
  14. Great condition two piece Elmhurst associate tracksuit. Size 11/13. As worn by young dancers and the extended programme. £15 plus post.
  15. Ballet Boost sansha warm up. Adult small. £5 plus post.
  16. 6 pairs of brand new unopened capezio ultra soft transition tights. Ultra soft. Child 8-12. My daughter favourite tights but outgrown sadly before finishing our stockpile 😬 £4 a pair plus post.
  17. Yes please, will message you x
  18. Has anyone not heard yet today ?
  19. I am selling an Xs, see my post above.
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