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Graduation approaches


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I haven't been posting for a while - my role as parent has been more relaxed recently as Graduation and work approaches

But Way back when in Nov 2012 I made a post entitled"Fairly new to Ballet; she feels she needs more" where I said - She intends (who knows how viable it is) to study dance at 16 - probably in London as we are in the wilds of Norfolk in Sept 14


So in June 2018 - DD is graduating - she's done well - did a panto last year and has a small job before the end of college


Still planning on dancing - still loveing it but ready to leave college


Sorry I haven't been around for a while - but thanks for all your help while I was here

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Yes indeed, it seems like only yesterday that we were introduced to the Balletco legend that is the katymac spreadsheet! You were the most organised audition mum for sure! I can't believe your DD is graduating already - best of luck to her for the future.

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Thanks Guys - I'll let you know what happens


Post graduation is nearly as scary as auditioning for post 16......however it isn't my problem now - I have done my best to equip her with the skills she needs (there is a spreadsheet with auditions/rehearsals & work on but it isn't mine....)

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It has passed quickly - Thanks so much


Next Saturday is her first portfolio job 1 day performance 2 weeks money (which she will stretch to abou 6 weeks I reckon!), we assume portfolio jobs are the way she will go rather than a contract - piecing it together has lead to the aforementioned spreadsheet & a tax/accounts one too!!

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