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Longest couru?


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interesting  question ...  i suspect that  some of out more pointe proficient  people may have been made to couru across the diagonal or a large studio or  even around the studio to represent some of the longer  courus  in pieces  especially if performed on big stages  but  would that  ever  be 100 metres ... 

I will not  be volunteering  to experiment on the topic in the foreseeable as i can barely couru now and  if anything due to upcoming medical  stuff  my  extremely limited  skills en pointe will be  become even more so for a period  ... 

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Could there be a world record coming on here? When we were in NY a few years ago, there was a world record attempt for the largest number of people en pointe at the same time in Central Park! 

I’m getting all sorts of ideas about sprints, marathons and relays now! 

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59 minutes ago, trog said:

Wayne Sleep held (and maybe still does) the record for the most pique turns down the length of Brighton Pier. Didn't he also do entrechat dix on Record Breakers?


He took the entrechat record away from Nijinsky, no less!  It was an entrechat-douze and as far as am aware he still holds it.

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