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  1. other than the interleaving of grades and VGEs ... traditionally the first exam that older beginners could take was Gr 6 unless they snuck under the upper age limit of gr 5 ...
  2. Spot on i think as it stands with the current RAD policy she'd have to do the exam twice once as a 'girl' and once as 'boy' - and unless the grades and VGEs go modular like Discovering Repetoire or there is a re write of the exam spec that allows a wider mix and match ... do we have an RAD examiners reading ? ( alternatively @sophie_rebecca could you ask Lynne R-C ? ) learning 'both' syllabuses makes for better dancers IMO and so it seems in the eyes of increasingly numbers of Teachers and Pros ...
  3. looks like it went right over your head ... the numbers game means that outside of London and perhaps one or two other big cities the numbers mean that lads are going to need to get that training other than at their local school ... ( and even in the big cities it may just be there are more options for lads classes on top of local class ) just because it isn't traditional for men to do pointe what harm exactly is there a boy doing pointe along with his classmates at IF/Ele and Int level ? if nothing else for strength and stamina and to understand his future partners better... or is this going to be back to the cis-sexist ' it doesn;t matter if lads carry on doing tap class ' guff we saw a while ago )
  4. in terms of 'local' schools outside London the numbers game is going to be against boys associates is probably a good idea anyway if you are looking at y9/10 entry to lower schools or attending an upper school and in terms of the local school, at the risk of upsetting the traditionalists, why not defy tradition ? but having heard another sad tale in the East Midlands about none traditional stuff and pointe ... ( same tale from two people one femme presenting one masc presenting about a dismissive attitude shown by retailer ) that may be an uphill battle. ( and although the RAD policy over exams syllbuses and uniform was heralded as something to do with trans dancers - there is nothing stopping any dancer doing both versions of a VGE )
  5. @Viv you are this month's if not 2018;s Queen of understatement . well done !
  6. that's up there with Alien the ballet , a discussion which soon degenerates ...
  7. bit of both i think like so many things seperating out what exactly goes where is subjective ... is 'right dancer i nthe right role ' aesthetics , artistry or both ? assuming the dancers in question are equally technically competent ? I think the take away message has to be do discuss this with the teachers who wrote it, I don;t teach dance ( because i do not have the experience , skills and knowledge to at this time) although i do and have taught other subjects at various levels and in various settings and in some assessment structures it can be a nightmare trying to work out which criterias are the best fit / the desired by the system fit to an area of work ...
  8. there's a certain something about the line some people have , it can also cover 'sparkle' - also you could have someone who is technically very very good but just lacks as certain something .... as for aesthetics, excuse my being a Northern Fangirl again, but in the triple bill , specifically in 'Shape of sound' , despite the lighting, costuming and starting positions you will instantly spot certain dancers ( e.g. Hannah Bateman) in the first minute because of their line and aesthetics ...
  9. Technically the 'Academy of the Northern Ballet' is called that https://northernballet.com/academy and the AoNB 'brand' covers CAT, NB Associates, NB Spotted ! and the Graduate Program as well as the community classes, the one thing AoNB doesn't have is a 'upper school' perhaps as it is felt that the market is such that this is not something where there is a gap in provision , in addition to any sagas over NBS - Manchester and it;s name ... Northern the company also has a long standing relationship ( but not AFAIK formally) with Central , due otthe Legacy of Chris Gable;s involvement with both NB and CSB , and CSB graduates do seem to do well with Northern - and i don't think that will change with Kenny Tindall in his current role at Northern as Kenny is a CSB grad and committed to the narrative ballet tradition of Northern / Gable ... (shock Horror Nicola is fangirling over Kenny again - he really is a lovely person and has a rela passion for dance at all levels )
  10. and to complicate things both the Beginner classes that Lady Bay Ballet run ( west bridgford / lady Bay area of Nottingham ) are day time ( Monday and Friday lunchtimes) , although Hype's Beginner class in Sheffield is Thursday evening. I 'd heartily recommend both Lady bay and Hype as i take class with both on a regular basis http://www.ladybayballet.com/ https://www.hypedance.org.uk/ i cannot comment on either location for Go Dance (Lincoln or Sleaford) as i haven;t taken class at either ...
  11. Elev8 have a website and it does not appear to offer adult classes and makes several references to 3 -16 years old ... Studio8 appears to have a full timetable of fitness classes ... i've done some pretty extensive searching for classes closer than Nottingham, Sheffield or Sleaford ... with the cessation of adult classes at Streetbeat the only adult class suitable for beginners in Lincoln appears to be the pay per term Thursday evening class at Go ... which i can't pass comment on first hand ...
  12. fitting should include advice on elastics - well a good fitter will ... as for duration of fitting ... again a factor ...
  13. appears just to be an adult jazz class ( and for more advanced dancers possibly the technique + pointe class that precedes it - but looking at their website that;s designed as an enrichment class for their higher grades / VGE students )
  14. yep marginal numbers , teacher availability , the usual sagas ... plus syllabus changes in their awarding body has seperated the higher grades and VGEs which compounded teacher availability issues Picture in Lincoln does not look good for adult classes at present , the only explicit adult ballet class i can see is the pay per (long) term one at Go . currently travelling to Sheffield (Hype) or Nottingham ( Lady Bay) for my regular classes
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