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Kenneth MacMillan: Steps Back in Time, Barbican Pit, 20th and 21st (mat)

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Having actually got to see this performance in The Pit at the Barbican at my first attempt (despite the best endeavours of TfL's signalling system :) ), and knowing that tickets have been like gold dust, I wonder if anyone would like my ticket for either the performance this coming Friday or the Saturday matinee?  Start time for the evening performance is 7.45, and appears to be 2.30 for the matinee, but do double-check.  Tickets are £18 each - send me a PM if you'd like one (or both!)


If you're interested, I'll need your proper name and an email address so that I can instruct the box office to release the tickets to you.

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Thanks, Michelle.  Will reply later - am a bit short on wifi at the moment!


My two tickets are both spoken for now.  Geoff, I don't know whether you want to start a new thread for yours?  (Barbican returns policy is to issue a credit voucher as long as the ticket is returned over 24 hours before the performance, BTW)

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