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  1. Bumping this as it relates to tomorrow’s performance. Please let me know if you’re interested in either or both of these tickets otherwise I’ll return them to the Box Office later today. Thanks, MichelleS
  2. I have M48/49 spare for the Tuesday evening performance because of a change in family arrangements. Tickets are £33 each and I would prefer to sell as a pair. Please PM me if you're interested - they are e-tickets so easily transferrable Thanks, MichelleS
  3. Bumping this - the ticket is still available (as I haven't had a reply from Sibel) If no takers will return to the Box Office tomorrow
  4. I do have the ticket still but wanted to make sure you understand this is a Standing place. If you’re still interested please send me a Personal Message via the site Many thanks, Michelle
  5. I have a scheduling clash so can no longer use this ticket. It’s D24 in the Linbury, which is one of the standing places with a full view at the back of the Circle. Ticket is £7. Please send me a PM if you’re interested Thanks, MichelleS
  6. Bumping this otherwise I'll return to the Box Office later today. Please note this ticket is for the full evening Insight rather than one of the shorter 6pm events that precede Sleeping Beauty Main House performances on various dates. Thanks, MichelleS
  7. I'm no longer able to make this (currently sold out) Insight Evening so have the following available for sale: Monday 18th November 7.30pm Clore Studio E6 £20 Please send me a PM if you're interested and ideally also post here to say you have done so Thanks, MichelleS
  8. I have Circle Standing Place D24 spare tonight and for sale at £6. This is one of the unrestricted view spots at the back of the circle in the middle. If you’re interested, please PM and ideally also post here to say you have done so. I have the paper ticket and can hand over late afternoon or tonight at the ROH or in the Covent Garden area if easier. Thanks, MichelleS
  9. Could I please have 24th Jan, Bill? Will also send a PM Many thanks
  10. Have sent you a PM for 20th Dec 20th matinee and 31st Dec 5pm Coppelia. Would also be interested in 23rd Dec if Pippa101 doesn't take the ticket for any reason
  11. The dancers in this segment were Brenda Lee Grech and Jacob Wye from Rambert
  12. I'll miss John on this site and also in the Stalls Circle Standing at the ROH where we had many an entertaining conversation over the years - I'll echo the tributes to his gentlemanly nature and tremendous sense of community but will miss also his erudite views, always pithily expressed with his characteristic dry wit. My deepest condolences to his family on this very sad news.
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