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Romeo and Juliet: Mariinsky live broadcast 20.4.2018

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There will be a live broadcast of Romeo and Juliet from the Mariinsky on Friday, 20 April.


This performance is in honour of the 80th birthday of the great artist and teacher Gennady Selyutsky, and will feature 3 different casts for Romeo and Juliet in each scene. (This follows the recent live broadcast of The Legend of Love, which used the same format in a tribute to another longstanding artist and teacher Rabjeprymat Abdyev.)




I assume this will be available to view live and also archived on YouTube, as with The LOL.



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Hope the link works! Different pairing for each of the three acts as it is a celebration of the 80th birthday of Gennady Selyutsky. 



Romeo and Juliet

ballet in three acts (thirteen scenes)
Music by Sergei Prokofiev
Libretto by Andrian Piotrovsky, Sergei Prokofiev, Sergei Radlov and Leonid Lavrovsky, based on the tragedy by William Shakespeare 
Choreography by Leonid Lavrovsky
Set and costume design by Pyotr Williams

Juliet: Viktoria Tereshkina (act I), Anastasia Matvienko (act II), Olesya Novikova (act III)
Tybalt: Dmitry Pykhachov (act I), Danila Korsuntsev (act II)
Romeo: Yevgeny Ivanchenko (act I) , Andrei Yermakov (act II), Igor Kolb (act III) 
Mercutio: Alexei Timofeyev (act I), Alexander Sergeev (act II) 
Jester: Daniil Lopatin 
Juliet’s companion: Svetlana Ivanova 
Troubadour: Yevgeny Konovalov

Mariinsky Ballet and Orchestra 
Conductor: Boris Gruzin

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The transmission of "Romeo & Juliet" from Mariinsky is still available on internet:


This is a tribute to Gennady Selyutsky who celebrated his 80th birthday and 62 years with the Kirov-Mariinsky Theatre. Like in the Legend of Love a few days ago different dancers are doing the same role in different acts. There is a few minutes speech by Fateyev at the beginning.

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Thanks for the reminder, Amelia. It is well worth watching, not least for the moving performance of Novikova in the final act.

But there is also fascinating archive material shown, during the intervals, of Gennady Selyutsky himself, in different ballets at various stages of his career, including the ballet I will always remember him for, La Bayadere, in his silent movie interpretation of the Brahmin.

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