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Central School of Ballet funding


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Central School of Ballet is one of the schools that come in the 'Conservatoire' group and as such normal student loans and maintenance loans are available through Student Finance England and their equivalent in Scotland and other countries. So the same finance as a university basically.

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I think most would get a student loan to cover the fees. These don’t have to be paid back until you are earning above a certain amount, and then the amount you pay back each month is on a sliding scale depending on income. After a certain period (20 years?), they right it off. Dancers might as well get a full fee loan as chances are (sadly) they will  the  never have to repay it in full.

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It is written off after 30 years and institutions who are members of CDD used to get an automatic additional £1000 grant, don't know if this is still the case though.

Ypu will get the tuition fee loan to a max of £9250(?) plus your maintenance loan on a sliding scale dependant on parents income. If this is for entry in September 2017, student finance is open and you should make your application now.  Student does their bit which takes about 15 minutes then parents can do theirs.


aka Taximom

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Depending on your age

If you are under 18 it might be worth considering applying to Transport for London for a 'zip card' so you get reduced rates on tubes and buses as you are in further education. (despite working towards a degree you are still in further education not higher at this stage) But not sure if they will issue it until you provide your London postcode. 

Get a student railcard and Join Virgin trains and the like, as booking well in advance saves a lot of money. 

Accomodation is crazy money, so get researching for alternatives from £750-£950 pcm, it's cheapest to try and share a house but you will need landlady/ landlords willing to rent to under 18 or find an older student to share with.


Good luck and enjoy

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Being Scottish I suspect that you perhaps have a different mindset to uni fees and student loans than us across the border as I believe that university tuition is free for Scottish residents at Scottish Universities, am I correct?


In England many people don't consider it as getting into debt, but more of a Graduate Tax.

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