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  1. Also there are also some schools (yes still) that do not have websites. I know of one with an excellent reputation run by a non internet using old style ballet teacher who would never participate in a festival but has a string of RBS Associate students and those who have gone onto vocational training. I'm afraid I do not know your area. Have you tried asking Associate/Easter/Summer school teachers who may have contacts around the country.
  2. Absolutely. This is not acceptable. Ask to see copies of their anti bullying policy. I would strongly consider putting it in writing, even if it is just an email. The school are obliged to follow certain procedures.
  3. That's interesting. I wonder if they are doing IGCSE's or reformed GCSE's.
  4. Surely that should be a 33.333% say as it's your ds who will have to go there.
  5. I have heard that Tring is excellent on the academics. I'm not a great fan of the head at my child's school, but I still think it is the best school for them at this moment in time.
  6. Finals were very late this year I've not heard much either.
  7. Dd too is with BUPA and has had no issues accessing treatment.
  8. Don't feel bad ballet4boyz. Lots of parents can't make Prize Day. It is worth trying to make the effort for Year 11 though.
  9. Parents are invited & often there is a bit of a coffee morning/music performances in the canteen beforehand. Afterwards you can take your child out for the afternoon if you wish.
  10. Yes, that was supposed to happen but she got offered a lift!
  11. Not to mention spending the entire weekend unpacking, washing, ironing & repacking! Managed to fit in taking dd to visit previous dance school, taking ds to sports practice, cinema trip, taking ds to his show rehearsal, shopping & tonight a family birthday meal so far!
  12. I have seen a local dance school in the past refer to one of their students having been offered a "full scholarship". As I knew the mother of the child in question I knew that they were in fact on an MDS.
  13. Sorry to hear that too Sarah2203. Last year's leaving Year 11 had quite a few MDS's to put back in the pot. I don't think there are as many this year, however the current Year 10 who will leave next year do have quite a few MDS's so it is definitely worth trying again next year.
  14. I'm assuming that they don't mean a bustle! I think they mean a practice pull on tutu skirt as opposed to a full tutu incorporating leotard.
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