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Cadogan Hall Ballet Events

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5 hours ago, nickwellings said:

Sounds good! Curious how the venue will work for ballet but I know they have hosted for ballet before.


The green gallery seats seem well priced, but the view might be a bit odd.


Does anyone have any thoughts on the view from the differently priced seats?

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10 hours ago, Scheherezade said:


Does anyone have any thoughts on the view from the differently priced seats?


As has been said above the Cadogan web site is helpful on getting an idea of the view you might get.   It is a lovely venue, not too big, but not sure about it for ballet although if you do get the right seat it could prove to be a good experience.  I was sent details the of the NK event the other day and have looked at seat options but didn't book in the end as the ticket prices on one part of the site did not match another page for the event.  Is it me or is there something not quite right?  I was happy to go for the second price if I could get some good seats but those I chose then looked like third price and maybe a slightly restricted view.


Just been back to take a look and tickets are going fast!

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Update on ticket sales
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For concerts the green gallery seats are good, but for ballet, especially near the stage it might feel odd IMO. It'd be like sitting in the lower slips of ROH but about 20 feet above the stage, not 70 or so. You're right on top of them. I can see the seats where this is 'worst' are not on sale.


As with LS the closer you are to the stage the more you lose the effect of elevation and lifts.


Here's a pic I took at a concert a few years ago which might help. 




Stalls would be good too but as at ROH you'd lose feet in, I'd estimate, first four rows. There is a slight rake. Sightlines are good. The seats at very rear of stalls are elevated and great value but alas sold.


As above here is the seat view tool.




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I saw a show given by the London Russian Ballet School at Cadogan Hall a couple of years ago and I know I sat upstairs and had a good view ...no probs...but would need to look at the theatre format again to see where exactly I sat

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