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Birmingham parking


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Pretty sure its free parking right outside the shop sunday! But if no spaces, turn left after Dancique, second road left again (first road one way I think!) Then left again as though going back to main road and car park on left £3.00 for day. Walk top of road Dancique on left! Hope that helps xx enjoy

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Thank you all so much. I'm not used to driving in a city so I like to plan my journey ahead of time. Dd is really looking forward to it, although she's not looking forward to the long drive.

Trust me it will be worth the drive, they are amazing at Dancique and will make dd feel very special :)

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Thank you all. I managed to park outside the shop, took dd 2 to Birmingham royal ballet for her first NYB audition then walked back for dd1's pointe shoe fitting. The staff were absolutely wonderful and dd is really happy with her first pair of pointe shoes.

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OMG you must be shattered!! Pointe shoe fitting with 2 siblings in tow must be interesting! !

It really was. My 6 year old ds, who also does ballet, went by my dd, held the barre and tried to go en pointe in his trainers bless him.

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