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Free streaming of Le Corsaire from Vienna State Ballet

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This might be a bit late to post for some, but there is a free live video stream today of La Corsaire from the Vienna State Ballet, This is a new ballet for the VSB choreographed by Manuel Legris, the start time is 6pm BST with a 30 minute intro beforehand.


To view the stream you need to create an account and buy a ticket, although for this performance its free (you don't need to provide any payment info for this performance).




There is also a free opera stream which is not live but can be viewed at any time.

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I am away from home and don't have access to my program, but I believe Legris said that he cut Ali because he wanted to simplify the story and make it clear to the audience. Legris did not attempt to offer an accurate reconstruction of the 19th century French or Russian productions, but in fact Ali was a 20th century addition to the original Petipa versions; for that reason, he is not included in the Bolshoi reconstruction that is returning to London this summer.

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Yep, nothing like an April fool (me), should be Le Corsaire, don't think I can correct that now?


I've edited the title, but left it elsewhere, otherwise all these other posts won't make sense!

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