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Live streaming of RB Nutracker rehearsal: 25th November

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Sorry for the typo in my original post. There'll be live-streaming (not screening) of the Nutcracker rehearsal on the 25th November at 7:15 p.m. The live screening of Nutcracker itself is on 16th December.


ROH has also just issued a list of cast changes and confirmations for Nutcracker. See:


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As far as I can see, the cast changes referred to appear to centre on Maguire dancing with Acri (in place of O'Sullivan) and O'Sullivan dancing with Hay (in place of Maguire). Also Benjamin Ella gets a shot at Hans Peter now.


[by the way I posted about the screening of the rehearsal yesterday. Maybe a mod could please combine the threads or delete the one I started?]

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Oh! (re the cast changes...)  Emma Maguire and Luca Acri were always down for the 2nd Jan matinee, I'm sure, as I booked for them specially (though now can't make it).  Anna Rose O'Sullivan is still making her debut on 17th opposite James Hay, but it appears that 23rd Dec, which was O'Sullivan with Paul Kay when I booked, is now Meaghan Grace Hinkis and Benjamin Ella.  Not sure how other dates are affected, as I've really only been taking notice of the ones I have tickets for.


Pleased about the rehearsal streaming - I've got a ticket for the real thing - but as much as I like Lauren Cuthbertson and knew the rehearsal repertoire was likely to be Nutcracker, I confess I was hoping for something more interesting (to me) than the Sugar Plum grand pas...


(I'm glad I procrastinated about getting rid of a couple of surplus tickets.  Only this morning I was considering ditching 17th Dec in favour of 23rd - I particularly want to see Anna Rose's Clara, but am also at the performance on 16th and thought it might be sugar overload ;) ) but now she's doing 17th and not 23rd, it looks like I'll have to stick with 17th! And perhaps re-think 16th...)

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Do they normally archive these to their YouTube channel? 7:15 tonight is in the middle of classes for us!

 Yes, I asked that on the ROH page and the reply was:

Yes, the Insight event will be available on demand afterwards (although you'll miss the opportunity to discuss the rehearsal via social media with everyone else who's watching live!)

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