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If you walk round the corner into Battersea Square there are a couple of cafes. My dd used to like the pain au chocolat at the Lebanese café when she took classes at RAD.

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Another vote for the lebanese place. i can't remember the name sorry, even though we eat there pretty much every time we go to the RAD, but it's very nice, and by London standards extremely reasonably priced.

There used to be another restaurant across the square that was also good, though a bit pricier, but last time we were there it was closed and there was building work going on, so I don't know if it's changed hands or something.

There's also a cafe in the park if I recall rightly, and if you walk a bit further to the main road where Battersea Park station is (A3205) there are loads of little cafes along there. Slightly further away, but only about 10 mins walk or a couple of stops on the bus, right next to Battersea Travelodge there is a tiny italian place called Bella Mia. It looks a bit unpreposessing from the outside but it serves some of the best italian food I have ever had. (Beware the portion sizes are enormous though - pizza the size of a manhole cover.) I have only eaten there in the evening so not sure if they do lunches though.

Enjoy yourselves, and good luck with the exams.

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There is a great place nearby that does the best all day breakfast ( as well as sandwiches, cake etc). If you head from rad back into Battersea square, with Rad behind you to your left head to the top right hand corner of Battersea square, turn right ( there will be a pelican crossing on the corner) follow that road along till you get. To the end. You get to a t junction with the aim road that goes over the bridge, turn left and it's just a couple of doors along. It is walkable in about 5 -7 minutes and a good place to while away an hour or so with coffe/lunch sorry I don't know the names of any of the roads but it's easy to find.


Edited to say, I've just remembered its opposite a large building which I think was Royal Academy of Art

Edited by along for the ride mum
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