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Roberto Bolle & Friends Galas

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Dear BcF, I very often watch the Galas in Italy of Roberto Bolle & Friends, and they are really fantastic events! I was just in Bari to watch the show and it was a really amazing show and atmosphere, I highly recommend them. Also in his choice of 'Friends' I think you get to see a mix of you emerging talent, the emerging stars and the fully fledged 'bought the T Shirt' stars. Check out Roberto's website for dates, and there are lots of great photos and funny things that follow the tour on instagram and Twitter #bolletour2015


Also with Prototype which is a video based choreography where Roberto does everything from Duel with a computer version of himself, to leading an dancing Army of Bolles.


Here was the programme in Bari on 3,4,5 October:


Roberto Bolle: Prototype

Kiyoka Hashimoto & Davide Duato: Mozart a 2

Viktorina Kapitonova & Dinu Tamaslacaru: Carneval de Venice

Maria Eichwald & Alexander Zaitsev : Ring them bells

Julie Kent & Roberto Bolle: Manon bedroom PDD


Roberto Bolle: Through the light

Kiyoka Hashimoto & Davide Duato: Donizetti PDD

Julie Kent & Roberto Bolle: Sinatra Suite

Maria Eichwald & Alexander Zaitsev: Kazimir's colours

Dinu Tamaslacaru: Les Bourgeois

Viktorina Kapitonova & Roberto Bolle: Le Grand Pas De Deux by Christian Spuck (Funny with the cow)


As a quick review, Davide & Kiyoka were enthusiastic and very nice dancers, both from Vienna,

Maria & Alexander (both Freelance now) were technically very good in their PDDs but I am not sure about how Marco Goeke's choreograpy really shows the best of the Liza Minelli song 'Ring them Bells' but the skateboards they use made for a really funny video (see below)


Dinu (Berlin) is a regular and his Les Bourgeois is really charismatic, and that guy can jump!

Julie Kent was lovely in the slower more easy numbers with Bolle, but she shows great class even in 'retirement'

Viktorina (Zürich) yes I am not ashamed to say I am biased, but if you have not seen Spuck's Grand PDD watch it on youtube. It can be really hilarious and she plays it with Bolle Fantastically to end with Standing ovations (the crowd very much warmed up by DinuT)


Roberto Bolle...A true star!! And for me one of the best ever!


Curtain calls: 


A quick video summary, and the skateboard piece :) 


I will be in Parma one night at the end of the month where they do 3 more nights 22, 23, 24 October.


The videos are not mine, but from RBs army of fans

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