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  1. Hi, I have two pairs of size 4.5 E Bloch Aspiration pointe shoes I no longer need. One pair is darned, sewn with elastics and ribbons and has had calamine lotion put on, the other pair is just darned, both never worn, only to try on. Selling due to being fitted incorrectly. Many thanks
  2. In ENBS 1st year, there are currently 12 girls and 12 boys. But there is always variation amongst year groups, so the number is not set in stone! LB
  3. Well done Loved SA's this year. Had my final class last Saturday - rather sad! Northern's became like a second home to me. LB x
  4. I know this is a really late post, but I just wanted to let you all know, as promised, I have chosen to go to ENB. Thank you for all your support LB x
  5. At my Rambert audition, I asked about homestudy a levels. They were not very keen at all, and urged me not to, unless I wanted to find myself behind on dance, at Rambert. They said, unlike other non A level schools, that there timetables were too full. Not sure if anybody else heard this, or if there actually are students at Rambert doing homestudy A levels, but I was told this personally by the head of academics. LB x
  6. Awh, thank you everyone! I was offered: Rambert, Tring DADA, Scottish Ballet and Central. On waiting list for ENB. It will be a hard decision, but I will post when and hopefully if I make a decision soon! LB xx
  7. Thank you both - will post to say when a decision is made! LB x
  8. All my old pointe shoes sit in a box, and some of my current ones which are dead and really do belong in the bin, dot around my room. My very first pair, to my despair, are now black, after they were dyed for a ballet group performance, 3 or 4 years ago. I still have them, in my box. I have only one pair framed, which are a pair of red freeds, that I wore when I appeared in 'the red shoes', in a competition. I love the look of them. But I too could do with some inspiration for the old pairs, as I really do not want to throw them away! LB x
  9. Hello all, I'm sure most of you have already heard, but thought I would post a link to an article featuring Tamara Rojo's appointment of AD at ENB. Reading the article was thrilled to hear of this, as it will be fantastic to see how she takes on the challenge. Tamara is my all time favourite ballerina, and role model, so although sad to see her leave Royal, can't wait to hear what I am sure will be many positive things to come from her. What are everyone's thoughts? LB x http://balletnews.co.uk/english-national-ballet-announces-tamara-rojo-as-its-new-artistic-director/
  10. A 'yes' letter arrived in post today, off the waiting list. Making my decision even harder! LB x
  11. I am also part of the CAT scheme - mainly with Dance City in Newcastle. I am in my first year, however, have already been feeling the benefits! It is a contemporary CAT scheme and although I am aiming for a classical career, the teachers on my program have been fantastic, especially the ballet staff. Not only have I gained strength, but have my posture under control and performance skills developing. I can only thank my CAT scheme for that. It is definitely been a worthwhile step in my training, and I feel I have benefited so much thanks to my fantastic teachers. I couldn't recommend it more! LB x
  12. Another reserve letter here today. More waiting! Never mind. LB x
  13. Rambert auditions are right through until April. I don't know how they plan it though! LB x
  14. Awh! You all must stop, bringing a tear to my eye! Thank you very much though, it feels like I have a whole family on here, and your words mean so so much. I really look forward to seeing Elizabeth soon - all crossed for her too. LB x
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