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  1. Got a phone call today offering a mids place at bath ! Had to turn it down as off to vocational school
  2. Yes please that would be lovely xx
  3. Hello my daughter is starting year 7 dance at the Hammond in sept she’ll be boarding. Anyone want to say hello to make this process less scary
  4. For what centre ? Congratulations
  5. Thank you and everything crossed for you ! Do let us know 🤞🤞
  6. Just out of curiosity how many were auditioning for these year groups any idea ?
  7. Get yourself up the school right now ! Congratulations I’m so pleased for you and him x
  8. Love you all they are making you wait ! I have a girl in the mix but I still keep checking this site for you all with boys it’s torture for you x
  9. It’s anyone’s guess ha in the hands of the gods x
  10. I feel for you so much ! Is boys definitely coming out 1st just wondering if they send boys and girls together
  11. My DD was asked to remove her shoes and socks ! She was the only one in her group that was asked. They did an exercise then she was asked to repeat the exercise without her shoes and socks on. Did this happen to everyone else ?
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