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  1. Got a phone call today offering a mids place at bath ! Had to turn it down as off to vocational school
  2. Yes please that would be lovely xx
  3. Hello my daughter is starting year 7 dance at the Hammond in sept she’ll be boarding. Anyone want to say hello to make this process less scary
  4. For what centre ? Congratulations
  5. Thank you and everything crossed for you ! Do let us know 🤞🤞
  6. Just out of curiosity how many were auditioning for these year groups any idea ?
  7. Get yourself up the school right now ! Congratulations I’m so pleased for you and him x
  8. Love you all they are making you wait ! I have a girl in the mix but I still keep checking this site for you all with boys it’s torture for you x
  9. It’s anyone’s guess ha in the hands of the gods x
  10. I feel for you so much ! Is boys definitely coming out 1st just wondering if they send boys and girls together
  11. My DD was asked to remove her shoes and socks ! She was the only one in her group that was asked. They did an exercise then she was asked to repeat the exercise without her shoes and socks on. Did this happen to everyone else ?
  12. Yes WL finals I’ve copied the reply from RBS below for you
  13. Sorry I couldn’t post the email it was too large but I’ve copied the reply for you
  14. can say, however, that we are aiming for no more than 7 students per class, with a maximum of 14 students in the building at any one time. There will be thorough cleaning undertaken in between groups and all staff will be tested, as we have asked all participants to be.
  15. I asked rbs I post their reply now just give me a minute to work out how I do it 🤣
  16. Very rarely post on here but thought I let you know there are maximum of 7 girls in each audition class
  17. I have everything crossed for you too ! I hope they all get places they all deserve it and have done amazing to get swl x
  18. Fingers crossed that you will hear something soon. I thought it was a joke when I had A phone call today, I had given up hope. The classes are on a Sunday up till Christmas then changes to a Saturday social distancing permitting. Our 1st meeting is 12th sept via zoom where we meet teacher and ask questions and our 1sr class is 20th. It appears they were waiting to see what happens with the social distancing saga. Best of luck to you all xx
  19. We have just had a phone call too ! I believe you were on swl for Bath I saw an earlier post from you ! We were too and now very happy we have confirmed bath space ... see you there and congratulations x
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