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  1. Quite a few of the reserves get places, so fingers crossed. It was quite a wait for one of them though. Well into summer.
  2. Everyone’s exercises are "customised”, so the positioning of the leg in x stretch etc and DD got some exercises from the physio specifically for her. They have about 10 now, after starting with about 4. They insisted on a specific theraband (bought from them in the first lesson). We’ve never had written work but there was an expectation of keeping their lesson diary/notes. However this has never been checked/marked.
  3. When we were there, there’s a warm up space available, plus the audition room was open well before the audition but exactly as you say, we just waited in the foyer not stretching!
  4. We've just had ours. Their teacher said on the first day it's basically a guarantee, unless there's a serious issue, but it's nice to have it confirmed.
  5. Can anyone London tell me please what time the y6 girls JA class is? x
  6. It's a y5-6 class and there's about 30 of them in the class. Many but not all were new in September. I think there's more y6 than y5. My DD Is in y5 and there's a few of them but it's not 50-50
  7. Their annual highlights for 18/19 said 307 auditioned, 66 given places with 48 being given associate places and 18 CAT.
  8. Creakingstool - It was a ballet class like RBS, yes, but the group seemed quite a bit bigger than RBS audition. Its all blurred a bit in my head now but i think it was about an hour. there was some just looking at them physically, but less so than with the RBS audition. there was preliminaries and then finals, with about a 3 week wait for the results of that if I remember rightly.
  9. Thank you. Clarifies the date.... doesn’t clarify the accommodation option as we had said we would do either. We still will, just need to know which, lol.
  10. The CAT open day was brilliant last year.’ They watched company class, miss Cara taught the children in a fantastic class and they had q&a with company dancers. It was a great experience. DD is a JA this year and very keen to join the CAT programme next year now shes old enough.
  11. Has anyone had a response as to which week/accommodation option their child has been offered?
  12. Yes for my DD, age 10. We applied for just one week and got the same block of dates and no indication of accommodation....!
  13. We both really enjoyed the insight days and it was red class not audition. No numbers and no panel observation etc. DD did it in one venue in y3 and got SWL for y4. She did it in London in y4, shes now a y5 JA at a different centre. We went to London to give her the experience of dancing in the RBS and it was really special to her. The class is welcoming and encouraging & we definitely thought it was a positive experience. .She absolutely loved it. As a now new JA mum, I also quite like that I had the experience too because we’ve not observed any classes since they started but I have an idea of what they’re doing.
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