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  1. My DD aged 9 loved the 2 she’s done so far x
  2. We both really enjoyed the insight days and it was red class not audition. No numbers and no panel observation etc. DD did it in one venue in y3 and got SWL for y4. She did it in London in y4, shes now a y5 JA at a different centre. We went to London to give her the experience of dancing in the RBS and it was really special to her. The class is welcoming and encouraging & we definitely thought it was a positive experience. .She absolutely loved it. As a now new JA mum, I also quite like that I had the experience too because we’ve not observed any classes since they started but I have an idea of what they’re doing.
  3. We love the summer school, DD has done the last three years
  4. Hi! DD is in the same class, I was sat behind you. And hello @Shelovesdance. I’ve also had people say to me they haven’t applied because their child would find it too boring and basic but my DD absolutely loves it. We knew Miss hatton already and love her as a teacher but DD also loved it in the RBS context. She can’t wait for Saturday again.
  5. Indeed, it’s very convenient, but unfortunately not. We are quite a distance away and there’s no bus option.
  6. Eurgh we have been grumbling about this too as we have northern and royal- and the parking app fee, haha. It’s so expensive.... I’m considering coming in by train in warmer months but for the middle of winter DD would be soaked/frozen by the time she got to class from the station.
  7. Two from DDs school heard about three weeks ago that they had places from reserves.
  8. The leotard we ordered new and came in two days. The tracksuit & skirt we bought from a friend. Don’t worry, it’s not yours being unusually slow x
  9. DD is going into y5 and “average height”, slim- to average body.’size 1 leotard arrived and fits well, aside from the too much fabric at the crotch. Age 9-11 tracksuit is generous but manageable. Bottoms are definitely baggy but she’s beyond thrilled. The pants are a bizarre specimen and we probably should have ordered the large but at nearly £7 the medium will do for this year! She is insanely excited with it.
  10. We were SWL last year and were told by DDs teacher that those offers come in via phonecall rather than email. It was the case for friends we know too. So one time Sylvia from RBS had to ring me about an insight day, she opened with “I’m really sorry this isn’t The Phonecall, but...”
  11. Newcastle was our second choice centre and we had planned that if she was accepted to royal and offered Newcastle we would do elmhurst audition to make the journey worthwhile. As it was, she got our first choice and is doing royal with two other programmes.
  12. My dd is a mid. We just bought 1cm wide ribbon from the local haberdasher and cut a piece enough to tie round her bun and make a bow. If your DD is a JA, I would cut two pieces of ribbon, about 25-30cm long, tie it onto gairpins and make the bow, so you can just slide one each side of the plaits.
  13. She’ll get a lot longer dancing time each week with York, and more variety,/styles but for ballet I’d choose elmhurst over it, personally.
  14. Just takes a bit of practise. DD has near waist length curls and we get it into plaits over. We do it wet, four bobbles, tight, and lots of gel spray! She wears it like that for exams etc too. We are y5 Leeds newbies. She’ll have plaits from the first day with her bows. I’ve heard full sole for the leathers also but the manual actually doesn’t specify anymore, only that they should be leather, and we have a pair of brand new split sole leathers that will be a perfect fit for September so I am tempted to send her in those until asked to change them!
  15. We know two who got a call offering a place within 10days of getting SWL a couple of years ago. They put a less popular second centre as an option when accepting their SWL place and got it. we got SWL, did the same, and didn’t get anything last year then a yes this year though... so it’s never hopeless! It is much better for us to have the first choice centre this year, the second choice would have been such hard work to get to.
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