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  1. Thank you everyone, this has been really useful for me. Its a bit of a unique venue really to understand. I think living in Manchester we are very lucky to see lots of touring companies here and have watched a few my first ballets plus The Nutcracker and Beauty and the Beast. I've also watched a couple of Northern Ballet performances. I was thinking a trip to London to watch the Royal Ballet at ROH would be a lovely experience but costly with the travel too. Thanks @Anna C for that link, not aware of that at all so I've registered, fingers crossed. 11th Jan would be perfect for a Christmas present I'm going to hopefully get tickets for ENB Cinderella at The Palace and also BRB Swan Lake at The Lowry. Also will look at the Northern Ballet, they have Cinderella on at the end of the year Thanks again
  2. Hi All, Not sure where this question sits but I'm sure someone will move it to the more relevant place if needed I'm wondering if anyone can help me with ROH seating. It looks like there are seats for price ranges £66, £45, £30 - this is looking at Sleeping Beauty on the 11th Jan but when I select the price range it doesn't highlight the seats in question. Can anyone tell me where abouts these seats are please? Is this because they are not on sale as yet? Also, out of the lower price categories is there anywhere that would be recommended for seating? Its for an Adult and a 10 year old. I have never set foot in the ROH so really unsure in my research!! Thanks very much ETA another question on the Royal Ballet - will they likely tour any of these productions? We are Manchester based.
  3. Wear Moi Isaline Leotard – Pacific Age 10–12 £10 Hi is this available? Could I have pictures please.
  4. Hi, is the Mirella blue set available? If so could I have pictures please. Are these leotards true to size would you say?
  5. Hi @K155srv could i have pictures please, how do the sizes come up? True to size?
  6. My DD attended auditions today in Manchester, group 2 for a year 6 place. There were about 18 girls in her group and I believe 3 groups in total today. Not sure if these are a mix of children auditioning for year 5 and 6, I think it must be as it says ages 9 and 10 today and then ages 8 and 9 tomorrow. She really enjoyed the class, had a huge smile on her face when she came out and of course would love to get a place. Long wait for the results now
  7. Thanks @Astrid and your DD for that information. I'm feeling a little nervous for my girl for next Weds, it sounds like a really nice day though Glad she had a great time, good luck its a long wait from these early auditions isn't it.
  8. Next Wednesday for my DD, Manchester year 6. I think she will be nervous, she is going into school for a couple of hours in the morning and I think that will take her mind off it a bit. First time doing anything like this for her but she is looking forward to it. She also has a violin exam on the Friday of the same week, typical that these things come at the same time!! Good luck everyone.
  9. I've not sent off yet (Manchester closing is later) but I think I'd add recorded delivery so I've got the proof of delivery. Would make me a little more reassured I think
  10. This is very similar to my situation too I took the RBS pictures at home (cat managed to get on one!) But DD dance teacher said she would help with poses so we retook them at the studios and the positioning was better with a few expert tweaks. Will probably do the same for Elmhurst. I think they are more likely for reference at this stage so nice clear pictures but not necessarily needing perfection
  11. Yes, my DD is auditioning for Manchester RBS associates, for a year 6 place. I think we will probably apply for Elmhurst Manchester too but I'll wait until she has experienced the first one. She's only really done ballet for 1.5 year. I just think that it's something she should have a go at as she really loves ballet and seems to have a natural ability for it. Who knows, worth a try
  12. 🤣🤣🤣 yes me too. I was just thinking I might wait to see if DD enjoys the RBS audition before I did!! This is her first time doing anything like this.
  13. Thanks Astrid, I was just wondering if they close earlier if applications pass a certain number.
  14. I have had the email with audition time details for Manchester for my DD. Just drafted my letter to school to take in after the holidays.
  15. Does anyone know if the application for the audition closes at all? Set number of places? We would be auditioning for Manchester.
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