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  1. Just realised I didn't acknowledge this, thanks for your feedback. It sounds really positive
  2. Oh thankyou for this I have booked DD on the Leeds nutcracker workshop too. The Birmingham one sold out before I made a decision!! Really glad to hear that your DD enjoyed the summer one.
  3. On this thread I put the rehearsal dates for one i enquired about but we couldnt attend. Might give you an idea of how it works.
  4. I really hope something comes up in the North West too. Fingers crossed 🤞🤞
  5. My daughter took part in one last year at the Lowry in Salford, she really enjoyed it
  6. Exciting, we are at RBS Covent Garden that day for the audition insight session travelling down from Manchester. Would be amazing to catch something of world ballet day while we are there. We aren't in London for long but fingers crossed
  7. Hi, Just wondered if people could give me a little feedback. I'm considering booking one, maybe 2, of these pop ups for my daughter. She is 10 so would be the younger of the age groups. She can be a little shy and anxioud so I'm just wondering if these pop ups would be a good option or a little daunting for her going alone. Are they a nice nuturing class? Should she expect feedback etc from the teachers? It would be a first for us both doing something like this, outside of the dance school and just my daughter so I'm a little apprehensive. I just feel this might be a good taster before looking at longer courses.
  8. https://www.royalballetschool.org.uk/participate/insight-days/audition-insight-day/ Here you are. Hope you can make it and good luck to your daughter. The audition dates are also on the website, Manchester is 23rd Jan x
  9. Thanks for this. I think i will apply for the session, the date is not in our school holidays but after a conversation with the lovely lady at RBS (I forgot to ask the question about suitability hence this post!) I think we should be able to attend. Travelling down from Manchester I was worrying about train times and cost, such a shame they dont do regional insight sessions.
  10. Hi, I'm sure I have read this but is the audition for mid associates the same session as for White Lodge? I'm just looking at the audition insight session and trying to understand if its beneficial for someone applying to mid associates. Thanks
  11. We are mulling it over. This was DDs first audition and we think her nervousness and inexperience could have been noticeable. I'm looking out for the audition insight date being announced, problem is my research has indicated they do this in October half term but in our borough the half term is the week after most other areas so it would mean a day off school for her I think. Time will tell.
  12. When you email for information they supply the schedule, that's what I received anyway. I posted the York schedule on a thread a few days ago if you look through this forum
  13. I requested the York information and this is the schedule. Its a full proper ballet and a fair commitment to make. I believe others are more spread out but there's a big chunk in the school summer hols for this one. REHEARSAL AND PERFORMANCE DATES 2019 Mon 22nd July (Casting Day and Press Photos after school) Wed 28th- Sat 31st Aug Sun 1st September (5 Days) Sat 07th Sun 08th September (2 Days) Fri 20th Sat 21st Sun 22nd September (3 Days) Thurs 26th September (in the theatre after school) Friday 27th September Dress Reh/Eve Performance. Saturday 28th September Mat & Eve Performance
  14. I will be keeping an eye on this too, I think they have been at Stockport Plaza before which would be perfect. I considered York but its just too far for us really for such a regular rehearsals. Fingers crossed.
  15. Thanks, i will keep an eye out. Do they advertise this through the RBS page?
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