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  1. Thinking of all the dance school owners and teachers. It must be a very worrying time for you all. While I am able, I'll continue to pay for DD classes, we can sort out extra classes etc when all this passes. Its such a shame that this interrupts so many plans. We have a musical in May, scheduled to dance at Disneyland Paris in August, ballet exams mid year, annual showcase in November. Its all an unknown now. Even the later events need class time to choreograph and practice. Stay safe everyone xx
  2. Lovely to read all your updates. Good luck to those on reserves xx
  3. Hi. Just wondered if anyone had heard about this? I assume it'll be cancelled but would be interested to hear if DD got a spot or its rearranged. Thanks x
  4. Thanks. She's OK but I assume it'll also be a no for the spring pop up too (although she is at the younger end of the age for that anyway) Just wish there was feedback rather than a straight no. I have a feeling its as much to do with her confidence than anything else as she is quite shy and possibly doesn't perform to her full potential in auditions, maybe looks nervous. Good experience/practice if nothing else though.
  5. Unfortunately it was a no for DD 😞 bit gutted but never mind. What will be will be. Well done to your DD xx
  6. Just wanted to update this thread and thankyou all for the information on welcome performances. I haven't had any notification about the welcome scheme but checked on the off chance as Swan Lake welcome performance is 28th March and I've booked 2 tickets on the front row of the ampitheatre for £17 (including ice cream!). I am over the moon and can't wait to visit with my daughter, train tickets are booked for a quick day trip down to London. So huge thanks to the knowledgeable members of this forum xx
  7. My DD attends tomorrow and it states year 7 girls on the paperwork if thats any help.
  8. Thanks, sounds like they do take quite a few forward, wonder how many audition in the first round. Just need to take somemore photos now for the application.
  9. The cupcake went down very well!! A really good morning visit, I found it really informative and everyone seemed very friendly and helpful.
  10. We really enjoyed the day, we were first session I think and saw warm up and conditioning. The class looked very good and were very professional, must have been strange all those people watching
  11. Hi there, Wondered if anyone could advise what is involved in the audition for the Northern Ballet associates just to prepare my DD as we have decided to apply. Is it run as a ballet class in a similar way to the RBS auditions? Many Thanks
  12. 🙈🙈 will be lovely to have all those eager eyes looking up to her
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