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  1. Just wanted to update this thread and thankyou all for the information on welcome performances. I haven't had any notification about the welcome scheme but checked on the off chance as Swan Lake welcome performance is 28th March and I've booked 2 tickets on the front row of the ampitheatre for £17 (including ice cream!). I am over the moon and can't wait to visit with my daughter, train tickets are booked for a quick day trip down to London. So huge thanks to the knowledgeable members of this forum xx
  2. My DD attends tomorrow and it states year 7 girls on the paperwork if thats any help.
  3. Thanks, sounds like they do take quite a few forward, wonder how many audition in the first round. Just need to take somemore photos now for the application.
  4. The cupcake went down very well!! A really good morning visit, I found it really informative and everyone seemed very friendly and helpful.
  5. We really enjoyed the day, we were first session I think and saw warm up and conditioning. The class looked very good and were very professional, must have been strange all those people watching
  6. Hi there, Wondered if anyone could advise what is involved in the audition for the Northern Ballet associates just to prepare my DD as we have decided to apply. Is it run as a ballet class in a similar way to the RBS auditions? Many Thanks
  7. 🙈🙈 will be lovely to have all those eager eyes looking up to her
  8. Hi. My daughter and I are going over tomorrow for the open day but looking at the associate scheme rather than CAT due to where we live
  9. My DD is auditioning next Thursday for MA place. Taking along our optimism, hopefully she will enjoy it as much as last years JA audition which turned out to be a no. A great experience if nothing else.
  10. Well we had a pretty nasty journey over the M62 this morning in the snow and rain plus the tyre pressure warning light coming on in the car so had to pull off and check it!! We managed to park easily on Quarry Hill carpark once we got to it around the building site. Everyone checking us in seems lovely and friendly and DD happily went in with some tinsel tied around her waist!! I'm sure she'll have a great time 😁😁
  11. Thanks. Says £18.50 for 5 hours which seems a lot. Will look at other options though incase I cant get on the Quarry Hill carpark. I did think about train but it starts at 9.30 so its just too early really, still have to get to the station this end. Car is better option this time although I do like train vs driving most of the time!
  12. Thanks @Pixiewoo thats really helpful. Travelling over from Manchester so want to be prepared. I'll check them out. DD is very excited
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