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  1. Thank you, I'm not great at the search function, but will have a practise. These links are really helpful
  2. Hello, Does anyone know if you drop and run for the EYB casting day and photo shoot, or do parent's stay given it is the first session with EYB? Thanks
  3. First payment isn't due until August (no specific date given).
  4. Hello @Ed_DanceMum the offer letter just said accept or decline as soon as possible so they could offer any declined places to others. Once I’d accepted I got the handbook and that had a deadline of 1st July to complete the student information. Fingers crossed for you.
  5. @Waverley Yes it specifies in the uniform list leather. I’ve just ordered from them and will see how they fit and take it from there.
  6. @SissonneDoublee if course. That makes perfect sense. I’d have got here eventually with practice but now I don’t have to think too hard 😂. I think I’ll email the leotard shop and change the size.
  7. Oh I wish I’d asked this first now. I’d assumed all first position would be sized the same. Re the hair bows, obviously we buy the ribbon, I would have cut it to size but with the braided plaits they would need to be a clip wouldn’t they as there is nothing to wrap a ribbon round?
  8. @SissonneDoublee now I wonder if I’ve ordered too big. Hopefully it’ll be here soon and we’ll have time to return it if it’s wrong.
  9. I’ve ordered a size 2 for DD she’ll be 9 in Sept and is 132cm tall. I tried a couple of first position (make of the JA leotard) on at her dance school on sat. I don’t know if that helps at all. Thank you all for the hair tips, I’m reasonably ok with hair so with a bit of practice we should be fine. @Bluebird22 re the U shaped pins. Do you mean bun pins rather than grips?
  10. Ooh that’s good to know thanks. We’ll have a bit of a practice 😁
  11. I might have to talk DD into a nice new hair cut then, otherwise I'm not sure they will look as neat as yours
  12. What centre are you going to @BattementBatty We are Leeds Y4
  13. @sunrise81 Hair looks so lovely like that, but DDs is so long and thick. The pack I received said normal hair for first class and then the teacher will let you know what they prefer... DD will be going to Leeds so eek!!! I did ask a question about the full tracksuit and was advised not to bother with the bottoms, but in the end I couldn't resist. If they don't fit they'll go back, but it felt easier to order everything at once.
  14. @Waverley fab news. Congratulations, and also to all the other yes’s. Fingers crossed something comes of the SWLs and really sorry for the not yets. So glad this forum was here to sort through the madness... I’m sure it’ll run into another few pages yet!
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