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  1. @BalletmumHdo you have general travel insurance? Could you give them a ring and see if they will cover it?
  2. Just an update in case anyone searches this topic. I contacted the insurance through my Halifax reward account which is underwritten by Axa (thanks for the prompt @Jane) and my daughter is covered under the policy. Excess would have been £75 but I’ve paid £15 admin fee to waive the excess for a year.
  3. Does anyone know the best type of insurance to cover if you can’t attend summer school in case of illness or injuries?
  4. Yes there is now prelims, semi finals and finals for year 7 girls. The prospect of now achieving finals seems even smaller than it was. Not to mention the cost if you’re successful at prelims and semis. It now feels much more daunting than it already did.
  5. There is already a group for year 4 and 5 JAs. I’m sure they’d welcome new comers.
  6. I agree. We are also a fellow wait lister (I think we were week 3), it’s very exciting to hear of others getting places, especially when it’s a child of the same age (ie the youngest group) and does keep hopes up 😁
  7. Brilliant news @Waverley congrats to your DD x
  8. I’ve just had a look and there isn’t a date to accept the place so I think they just assume you carry on unless you tell them otherwise. I don’t suppose that helps much.
  9. Oh sorry. I didn’t mean to get hopes up. But I’m sure it won’t be long x
  10. Results in 2019 started on Tue 11th they came out by centre and paused on the Friday and Monday. All were out by the 21st June. Hang in there everyone, perhaps they’re trying to get back to normal so with or without the 21st looming you should hear in the next couple of weeks. Keeping my fingers tightly crossed for you all. 🤞
  11. Brilliant. So sad to have missed the last 3. I will definitely be there on Thursday
  12. Does anyone know what date the last young dancers session is in Birmingham (Yr5 & 6) for current students?
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