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  1. It made perfect sense 😁 I’d just assumed there were 3 classes. Yes I think the chances are very very slim!!!!! 😁
  2. Thank you @Darkbeans this makes sense... and also makes DDs chance even smaller 😳.
  3. Oh ok, so there isn’t potentially 16 y4 places? (Think I saw this in the YouTube introduction, that there was approx 16 places, obviously boys and girls) but 16 JA1 places?
  4. Does anyone know, why when they have so many groups they mix ages? There were 4 groups at DDs audition and she was in with 3 friends, 2 for year 4 places and 1 for year 5. I couldn’t work out why they weren’t split? Lovely for dd and her friends to be together though.
  5. At DDs audition they said results out end of June. Dd had to do improv sat with crossed legs and had to be a butterfly coming out of its cocoon.
  6. Good luck to your DD tomorrow @Spamcat
  7. Anybody else at the Leeds session today? DD was in the 12-1pm group. She really enjoyed it and it was very similar to the descriptions above. Just the waiting game now but I’ve tried to keep our expectations low so that the next few weeks aren’t an angst ridden ride!!!
  8. Fab summary @Astrid DDs audition is 17th so it’s good to know what to expect. Xx
  9. We received our email for Leeds on Friday for 17th May. The 1st Leeds date (10th May) has been cancelled. I can’t remember if it was the email itself or the code of conduct document that said results would be out in June.
  10. I don’t have any words of advice but I just want to say congratulations and go for it!!
  11. Aww thank you for your replies. Thats what I had in my head so hadn’t paid much attention this year and then panicked 😁. well done to both your little ones and sorry your eldest DD didn’t get a recall this time sparkly x
  12. Hello Well done to all those that got a recall. I hope you don’t mind me asking but those of you whose children are 8, will they be 9 by the 1st September. I understood that the program was age 9 and up and as my daughter turns 9 on second of Sept, so currently in year 3, it wasn’t on my radar this year. Now I’m worried we’ve missed an opportunity!
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