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  1. I specifically asked about private Dance school Social media accounts and the answer was no x
  2. Wow, I don't think I would have expected anyone to call it basic and boring. I did tell DD it would go right back to basics which would be what she should expect. DD really did enjoy it and has done her exercises every night so far. It would be really good to put a face to our balletco names (I'm the parent that asked about the social media photo's!!!)
  3. Hope everyone enjoyed today as much as DD. They were made to feel very special. ❤️
  4. Good luck to everyone tomorrow. I have a very excited DD who wanted to get out of bed to try her uniform on again 😂.
  5. It won’t be long now!!! I let DD wear her jacket last week for the first time. She was super excited. Quick question though, in the handbook it says to take a towel for the floor exercises but do children take towels or yoga mats (Leeds specifically)?
  6. This really does make sense. Split soles are lovely, but I keep telling my DD that they are a lazy shoe (as in make your feet look nice without having to really try.. I find this myself when swapping between my own split soles and soft blocks ). I keep telling DD that full leather will prepare her feet much better for pointe, for which she is counting down the years!
  7. We also had to do that We now have both sizes as although size 1 fits better now, I'm not sure it'll last 3 years.
  8. I did the same but emailed them to change the order and they did so we had the 7-8 delivered instead :)
  9. Oh that’s good to know. I bought the full tracksuit and although the bottoms are a bit baggy they’re ok, and if they wear them for more than just travelling I’m happy I got them x
  10. DD came out slightly disappointed as she wanted to be a princess but is a servent (she’s 8 ) I’ve tried to tell her she’ll love her part just as much but I know so little about the parts, if anyone can shed any light that would be great. I’ve read the linked threads but they are more older parts rather than Junior parts.
  11. Thank you. This is really helpful. X
  12. Thanks for that @sunrise81. I have now emailed about DDs EYB and other MT associate programme. Did anyone read the section in the handbook about photo's is it correct that you cannot put any pictures of JA pupils on social media (I'm thinking about a first day pic of DD posted to the closed dance school social media page). It would make sense as you don't see many pics online when you search JAs, just official ones.
  13. That's really good. I'm still waiting for our tracksuit / ballet shoe order. They did say 2/3 weeks, but that's because they have to make the skirt. I can't wait for it to arrive
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