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  1. Oh I missed that bit as we attended the zoom call. I’ve got a parent contact with DDs JA teacher next week so I’ll ask then.
  2. Hi @Julsgalaxyhow did you find out that JAs would go see WL? My DD is a JA and this isn’t something I’ve heard about. If parents don’t go how do they get there? Or are we supposed to just drop them off? I agree about Tring being so far, the open day is only a couple of hours and for us a 4 hour drive each way plus a hotel stay. We’ve booked to go but I’m in two minds as wouldn’t we get to visit anyway if she got an invite to finals? And we we don’t get that far we don’t need to see it anyway???? We are however going to the Elmhurst experience day next weekend which although expensive, at least DD gets a class. But in hindsight I’d have applied the same logic as I’m considering for Elmhurst if I hadn’t already booked and paid for it all.
  3. I think last year was less intensive so maybe going back to normal but with the smaller amount of finalists like they had last year. It does seem harder now though as those that might have got to finals in previous years might only get to semis this year and not even get the chance to see WL but it is what it is.
  4. You’re very welcome. It was definitely useful. There was the usual info re the number of places and that they consider day pupils (this I didn’t know but is irrelevant any way as we are in Yorkshire). If there was anything specific just ask and I can let you know if it was covered but the main bits I took from it are above. Good luck to your pupil.
  5. We attended. I’ll try summarise Prelims will be held in all JA centres this year. Results from Prelims will be out 2 weeks after the audition for year 7 girls this will be either an invite to semi finals or a no. For year 7 boys and all other year groups for girls (excluding upper school) will either be invited straight to finals or not. The reason they’ve added semi finals in is because they liked the smaller number that they had at finals last year. Semi finals will be held in either London, Bath or Manchester in Feb half term and Finals in March. Finals will be a more intensive 2 day process. MA results won’t be out until Easter and they did say that as the process has changed if you’ve ticked full time and don’t get invited to semi finals then perhaps warm yourselves up to the fact that a no is more likely for MAs. The emphasis was to wear what they are comfortable in for the audition so they can dance their best but no fancy leotards. They need to fit well and not be distracting. Same with ballet shoes. I think that’s about it. If I think of anything else I’ll let you know.
  6. It’s a minefield but the bit about how they will be cared for is a really significant point for us. DD will be doing the audition rounds this year and has 2 schools at the top of her list, one very prestigious and one less known at the moment. The lesser know we love everything about it, including how DD was cared for in the summer, the other I’m not so sure beyond the shiny facade. A couple of very random questions that are in my mind this week following social media posts: 1. How do each of the schools deal with homesickness in those first few weeks / months? 2. Do girls at WL have to have their hair a certain length? 3. Do WL only fit Freed pointe shoes to their lower school students? 4. All the lovely trips that take place in this first term, that I assume are to help the children settle in (London eye this weekend for WL pupils) do the parents get billed for these?
  7. Unfortunately all the 6/xs and 8/xs are out of stock in nude.
  8. These are such brilliant classes. Really sad I won’t be able to make them now I’m back at work.
  9. We had ours from Leeds at the end of August. I think some had gone into junk mail though.
  10. Wow. You’re very organised. Good luck 🤞
  11. I think that’s correct. They will do prelims all together. It looks as though there’s more prelims this year as there is one in Leeds where I think it was previously Manchester which was the closest for us northerners. It looks as though Moorlands are video prelims, RBS are live, and I’m hoping Elmhurst are live as they are doing their live experience days. Tring have got open days too so hoping they’re also live.
  12. Thank you @Busymumagain this is so helpful.
  13. Thank you @Raquelle Good luck to your DD in Sept. Virtual sounds good even if you can’t get a good sense of the school itself. I think we’d struggle time wise to visit all 5, so starting off with the those at the top of the list and taking it from there. I think I saw that Tring still had their open day video on line so we will have a look at that.
  14. DD currently has Moorland and WL at the top of her list. She’s had a very good experience at Moorland Summer School so we really love it there. I think Elmhurst would suit DD more than WL but DD isn’t sure. So I’m hoping she gets a good insight into Elmhurst when we go.
  15. Thank you. I got in there quickly for the experience day as I’ve been waiting for them so that’s all booked. £70 though 😮
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