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  1. I didn’t get a confirmation email. It just stayed on the website if I remember correctly. As I wondered if it had sent ok.
  2. Oh that’s fab. Sorry for being so nosy but did you approach them for help? We haven’t actually met Emma due to lockdown but would love to ask her advice.
  3. @Whiteduvetwhen you say BB had a big part to play in gaining a full time vocational place, do you mean just the associate classes in general or did you contact them for specific advice in relation to your DD and her aspirations?
  4. You’re very welcome, I hope you hear soon. The lower mids class have been asked to bring in pointe shoes and soft blochs if they have them (DD is very jealous she doesn’t have either yet) but haven’t used them yet.
  5. Hello DD is in BB in Hull. She really enjoys it. We submitted an audition video last year and heard within a few weeks although a friend heard much sooner. We were told of a place but didn’t hear about which class until after the audition deadline. I think from the deadline it was about a week and the current associates heard about their classes a couple of days before. The classes are on ability I think but age also plays a part. DD is in lower mids and is in yr 5 at school and the class has a mix of year 5, 6 and 7 with some already on pointe. DD has a year 6 friend
  6. Sadly even when you do get back to the studio I think you’ll be too far from me so please don’t stop doing zoom 😁
  7. It’s an absolutely brilliant class. I love that it’s repeated each week and we can really improve. I love the zoom element too as I can really throw myself into it without being worried about others watching. I was definitely on the stage in my tutu today 😁. Although I would absolutely love to take one of your classes in the studio @Laetitia
  8. I doubt we’ll get a bursary. So we’ll be joining you 😁 x
  9. Thank you all. Sorry my post wasn’t intended to dismiss what you had all so kindly offered in way of your experiences. I’ve read all of these with interest and it really does give food for thought and you’re right it’s all about what may or may not suit an individual. Reading the posts I may have incorrectly tried to tie all bad experiences to one place and my observation I think was based on a ‘what if we choose the wrong one or more along the lines of what if I choose the one where all these individuals didn’t have great experiences’ which is wrong I know. I
  10. Thanks @Twirlingdad it’s such a mine field. These threads are brilliant for newcomers to understand the warts and all but it adds to the anxiousness of will we get it right. Sorry your DC didn’t have a good experience.
  11. What worries me when reading these posts from the point of view of a parent with a child about to embark on this journey, the institutions that you have all very sadly had bad experiences at remain anonymous so how do us new parents know which to enter with caution?
  12. We had an offer of a place this morning but need to fill in the bursary application 😁.
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