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  1. Great news. I did send another one today too. Perhaps they’re just inundated.
  2. I received a response to my email today. DD does have a place on the summer school 😁
  3. That doesn’t give me much hope in hearing back from my summer school enquiry.
  4. Do you think they’ll reply to my clarification email? I really want to tell DD but I daren’t. The application said an email with offer and details of the deposit will be sent. Or perhaps all that will come after the deadline? But that’s a long time to keep this to myself??
  5. Really? I daren’t tell DD just in case it’s an admin error!
  6. Hello, Has anyone had responses from Moorlands? I emailed an enquiry about summer school auditions a couple of weeks ago and had a lovely response within a couple of hours, so last week we submitted our audition video. I didn’t receive an acknowledgement email and the closing date isn’t until 2nd April but yesterday, at about the same time as her video was viewed (briefly) for the second time, I received an email with a portal registration and once registered and logged in it says my DD as upcoming summer school registration and boarding registration. I’ve emailed them
  7. Leeds are on a Saturday. Pre Covid Year 4 and 5 were in the afternoon 12.15 to 2.30pm and year 6 9.30am - 11.45. Now though the classes are year 4 and 5 mix in the aft and year 5 and 6 in the morning (same times) so the year 5s have been split in half. This was to even out the children in the studios due to Covid. I don’t know if it will change from Sept and go back to how it was previously.
  8. Congratulations to your DD. DD did EYB in 2019. She was 8 at the time of rehearsals and 9 by the time of the performance. I don’t know about Cinderella in Hollywood as DD did Swan Lake but it was absolutely brilliant experience. All the parts are brilliant and in Swan Lake each child was in 2/3 acts so very evenly split. The rehearsals are long but DD loved every minute of it, I spent a lot of time in the waiting room reading, but that’s not new in the world of dance parents 😁 The production itself was fantastic. I hope your DD has a great time.
  9. Oh even better then! You’re our closest centre so maybe they’ll do it for all? I agree WL seems a very long way!
  10. I absolutely agree with this. The hardest thing for us is that other than minor injuries at the beginning of Dec no one has physically examined DDs toe.
  11. Oh wow. What a lovely idea. My daughter would love that, although she’s y5 she’s in a mixed y5/y6 class so if they did that for other centres (I assume you’re London) she would be in her element. I agree it must be particularly hard in the audition round this year. I’m thinking if you all.
  12. I didn’t know that @Bunnyand I never thought to ask but it does make sense. I enjoy the parents evenings but I would love to read those reports!
  13. We’re not in the round this year, next year for us but good luck to everyone this year. I’ve often wondered, and your post @Bunnyhas lead me to ask, do JA teachers provide feedback to Royal for those that are applying for WL?
  14. How many pay for both applications? We’d love to apply to both to try and widen the possibilities but to pay £72 to look at the same 4 photos twice!!!!!
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