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  1. https://www.simplystella.co.uk/product-page/fiona-floral-leotard £30 not worn free p&p Fuscia pink Capezio racer back leotard with rouched bust ladies small. £7.50 inc p&p Please message for photo xx
  2. Hi, is the light purple Mirella in S still available?
  3. As a parent, I have looked at your site following your last post. We are relatively local to you. I was not clear on what the dancers will be associates of? Usually, it's RB/Elmhurst /RAD /Ballet Cymru/Morea/London Studio etc. An established company or school. If it is an associate of your school/company, I was not clear on this. The productions you have photographs of look like it's a community dance project? I may be wrong. As an associate, my DD works closely with company directors and artists and there is a clear focus for the sessions and an end of year performance. So, to echo what others have said, your site and marketing needs clarifying. Perhaps look at other companies and their associate information... What do they provide? Expect from associates? Charge? Where do they meet? How often? Ages? Who will be teaching? What are their qualifications? What is the aim of the programme - eg. What are we paying for and what will the dancers gain? It would be fabulous to have more dance opportunities in the South West so I look forward to hearing more about your company. 😊
  4. Ballet Cymru do still run an associate programme. It's once a month on a Sunday.
  5. Thanks, still a bit of a wait then 😣
  6. Has anyone got any idea when results of the Elmhurst summer school applications will be available? Senior school. Applications are open until 8th March, just wondering how long we have to wait.... X
  7. For a 13yr old girl. Mirella buttercup colour, Gaynor Minden yellow, Collections by Claudia etc. Needed to match a special skirt commission! Thanks in advance xx
  8. I'm not sure they're that comparable - my DD is currently studying Grade 5 Cecchetti (exam in July) and has just started RAD in January - her new teacher has entered her for her intermediate foundation exam in March as she has the technique. With Cecchetti, after grade 6,you can't take the next exam until you're 16 apparently?
  9. Out of interest, at age 15,what grade Cecchetti is your daughter currently studying? Mine does Cecchetti too x
  10. Yes, I know that our school would authorise the absence, I just don't see why a summer school should be during term time! I always thought that they were for the holidays. Seems odd to me. I don't think my daughter should have to sacrifice the last 2 weeks of the school year to attend a summer course. Anyway, we didn't apply for this reason - I was just curious as to whether there was an actual reason! ❤️
  11. YBSS dates are 13th to 23rd July. This is still in mainstream school term time. Is the summer school more geared towards vocational students who finish earlier?
  12. Wanted for intermediate foundation exam - black. Thanks
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