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  1. DD is entering these awards (Middle section) on 17th November. Does anyone know who is adjudicating this year? We haven't had much information so far! Looking forward to it though. Is anyone else's DC entering?
  2. Ballet Cymru audition dates will be updated in the new year I imagine. The audition is usually the last weekend of June.
  3. Leo sorted.... Never mind that... I've just phoned to book tickets to watch. £17 EACH! 😳
  4. Gosh, it's a minefield. The Gandalfi ones are so low cut on the leg 😭 So, shiny is preferable, but not compulsory is what I am getting from that response.
  5. OK, I think teacher will have to clarify with the organiser. We've never owned a shiny leo!
  6. This is the exact wording from the official information pack: Lower Junior, Junior, Middle Mabel Ryan Awards: A plain sleeveless, round neck leotard as pictured (insert grainy black and white picture here) with or without gathered front, in any colour except black, with matching waist elastic. Camisole or strappy leotards are NOT permitted. Students from the same school must not wear the same colour. So, I think we can agree that it does not specify the leo has to be shiny? Therefore a matte cotton colour should be fine?
  7. It doesn't say shiny on the details. Just tank. Is there something I am missing?
  8. They have to buy them from the organisers at £26 a pop. Srnd order form with entry form x
  9. DD did Ballet Cymru, Claudia Dean and Ballet Star this summer. She loved them all for different reasons, was worked hardest at Ballet Cymru (we booked an air bnb for the week), had the most fun at Claudia (loved her!) and had the most high profile teachers at Ballet Star (inc Darcey Bussell). She wants to definitely return to Wales next year and will be looking for another course in addition so I'll keep my eye on this thread.
  10. I've looked at the photos from last year, looks like tank leotards. They're here:http://www.elainemaysonphotography.co.uk/gallery/?parent_id=232 I need to check with DDs teacher what the rules are for this one. For the Wales and West its just plain colour, not black,any type of strap. This looks a bit more plain and uniform. I'll post here when I've got the exact wording. What section is your DD entering?
  11. Which Cecchetti competition is it? Different rules for different competitions 😊
  12. Anna, I'm also starting to research post 16 options for DD. Is there a list of schools that offer DaDa? Thanks x
  13. Collections by Claudia 'Sylvia' in Dusk. Size adult M. Worn a couple of times so in excellent condition £30 inc P&P Bloch 'Cinnamon' halterneck leotard in black. Size adult P. In great condition. £10 inc P&P
  14. https://www.simplystella.co.uk/product-page/fiona-floral-leotard £30 not worn free p&p Fuscia pink Capezio racer back leotard with rouched bust ladies small. £7.50 inc p&p Please message for photo xx
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