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  1. Results of assessments for current associates were out this week. Those offered another year have until the end of June to accept or decline.
  2. We have moved up 4 places but still a long way from the top.
  3. Just an email to say we are still on the waiting list and would hear more 1st may. Did you?
  4. Right I see. I suppose it is more about when RBS have their holidays rather than our holidays. I just remember we were off and it was just before the Easter weekend.
  5. Last year we were Manchester and they came out 27th March. The first week of the Easter holidays because we were at home. (Good Friday was 29th March)
  6. Maybe a couple of weeks later then as they came out during the Easter holidays last year.
  7. It's at askam Bryan college. They are in little blocks of flats. Each has their own room with a bed wardrobe desk and a little ensuite. There are house parents in each block. They organise little events for them on an evening and are quite strict about lights out. They are very well looked after.
  8. There is what was OPES Peter and Shannon Parker still run some kind of residential summer school
  9. We got a yes for week 3. Well done all. X
  10. Any more results yet? We are still waiting.
  11. Hope so. The email had said 14 days. Probably a mistake but I need to sort out summer hols.
  12. Just checked it does say that. I can't imagine it will come on the weekend though.
  13. Anyone heard results for the London audition yet?
  14. Have there been any yes' for year 10? No for us from Manchester.
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