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  1. As a tip for ballet audition videos - there are loads on YouTube and you can see they tend to follow a pattern. Ideally practice beforehand loads and get the teacher or coach to help. Especially with the angle and fine tuning. I’ve been told loads of time that they tend to scan through so a good strong start is always a good idea.
  2. From the experience of my dd it is also a question of the level of pastoral care provided by the schools attached housing set up as well. The whole concept of pastoral care across the school needs attention. The idea a school can say we have done enough for the students - or that they had more attention than any other etc - fails to recognise that all students have different pastoral and mental health issues at different times. The system needs to be flexible and accommodating. A duty of care is a human issue and a moral one too. The schools inspectorate needs to look further and question more
  3. I think that there needs to be a good look at the various schools complaints policies and practices. Speaking from experience it’s very daunting to initiate a complaint and to follow through to a conclusion is very draining for parents and students. The fact that parents and students struggle to be heard and know that the experience will be combative. There needs to be an independent body outside of school governors and staff that parents can appeal to outside of getting lawyers and challenging the school. Independence is the key. 1 supposed independent person on a school initiated panel ( as
  4. My daughter was at a uk ballet school and has since graduated and quit ballet. The idea of resilience and being “ stoic “ despite the situation around the student and whatever issues they are dealing with was always called “ professionalism” and it was expected of the students at the school. They are told to make it in the industry you need to exhibit professionalism. Also the feeling that troublemakers or complaints would be held against the student. Especially if parents complain and seek clarification of the treatment experienced by the student. Also the weighing of students was regular a
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