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  1. Totally agree with comments made by Goldenlily17 about RBS. The situation with casting has become very unpleasant with the majority of the kids. Large number of parent complaints and kids openly complaining to stafff. These are not the young kids either that don't comprehend the "industry practice " these are young adults that have been at the school for a number of years and have contact with external professionals who agree the treatment of the students is not in line with their industry experience. And yes I do have a dd at RBS - so I know directly what I have seen and heard.
  2. As a mum of a DC who went through the WL SS from a young age to WL full time and now RBS US student. I can say that things appear to have changed over the years. Increasingly it seems SS is offered as incentives at competitions internationally and the focus is shifting to international competition dancers. The chances of getting into the SS appear tougher today if these other places are prioritised over the online applications.
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