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  1. Hi forum, Lookimg to buy one SCS ticket for Friday night. Many thanks!! Have a great day!
  2. Hi, Selling my ticket for tonight. It's a bench Stalls Circle seat, bought with the 50% off ofefer, so yours for £13.50. Please dm if interested. Thanks!
  3. HI, A friend couldn't make it anymore and asked me to see if anybody is interested in her tickets/ Saturday night performance, the farthest two lower slips tickets: A86/87. Paper tickets, £27 each, £54 for the pair. Please dm if interested. Thank you
  4. Worth refreshing the ROH website - singles pop up from time to time. Good luck.
  5. Hi forum, Slim chances, but I'd really appreciate a pair of SCS to any of the two Bright Stream performances. Will happily take a single. Many thanks!
  6. Are the matinee tickets still available? Thanks!
  7. So many of these casts are either very inspired or very odd. I guess time will tell.
  8. Sorry, just the one Bright Stream would do!
  9. Selling two hard SCS tickets for this Wednesday (Osipova/Hallberg). £22 for both. Please pm if interested. Many thanks!
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