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  1. Know it is a long shot since it is sold out, but looking for a cheap ticket . If you can help, please PM. Cheers, Linda.
  2. Selling this ticket that I got through this forum since I have upgraded. Cast is Osipova / Hallberg. Ticket is physical so can leave at BO or put on the post. Romeo and Juliet Amphi D37 £21 If interested, PM Best, Linda.
  3. For sale, two tickets to The Royal Ballet's Don Q on 30 March at 7:00 PM. Amphi C79 and C80, £19 each (face value). They are physical tickets so can put in the post or leave at BO. Cast: Osipova + Muntagirov. If interested please PM. Cheers, Linda.
  4. I have two tickets for New Work New Music at the Linbury on 9 Feb 2019. Unfortunately I am double booked so can't make it . Please PM / email if interested. Level LG Side Stalls Row BB Seat 5 - Restricted View/Tall Seat. £15 Seat 6 - Tall Seat - Not Footrest. £20 Cheers, Linda
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