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  1. Know it is a long shot since it is sold out, but looking for a cheap ticket . If you can help, please PM. Cheers, Linda.
  2. Selling this ticket that I got through this forum since I have upgraded. Cast is Osipova / Hallberg. Ticket is physical so can leave at BO or put on the post. Romeo and Juliet Amphi D37 £21 If interested, PM Best, Linda.
  3. For sale, two tickets to The Royal Ballet's Don Q on 30 March at 7:00 PM. Amphi C79 and C80, £19 each (face value). They are physical tickets so can put in the post or leave at BO. Cast: Osipova + Muntagirov. If interested please PM. Cheers, Linda.
  4. I have two tickets for New Work New Music at the Linbury on 9 Feb 2019. Unfortunately I am double booked so can't make it . Please PM / email if interested. Level LG Side Stalls Row BB Seat 5 - Restricted View/Tall Seat. £15 Seat 6 - Tall Seat - Not Footrest. £20 Cheers, Linda
  5. Have these for sale - these are physical tickets so I'd be happy to leave them at the Box Office or hand them over in person on the 18th. Ideally I'd like them to go together D53 and D54 Stalls Circle Standing £6 each. Cast details here: https://www.roh.org.uk/events/p936j If interested, please PM. Cheers, Linda.
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