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  1. If anyone has a spare ticket for any of the sold out song prize heats, especially on Sunday 16th or Monday 17th of June I would be glad to have them. Thank you.
  2. If anyone has a single spare ticket for this friends rehearsal tomorrow morning please pm me. Thank you.
  3. Just bumping this up as would hate for the ticket to go to waste https://www.templemusic.org/shop/lovesongs/
  4. Have a cheap ticket for this lovely programme https://www.templemusic.org/shop/lovesong-2/ £6.50 Will be there to hand over. Please post here if interested.
  5. I have two tickets for this sold out screening of Giselle (Linsbury Theatre, 6 January 4 pm.) Stalls F10, F11. £15 each. E-tickets so easy to transfer. Please Pm if interested. Thanks
  6. In case anyone has two tickets for this rehearsal (preferably stalls circle or balcony) I would be very happy to take them. Thanks.
  7. I've got 1 ticket for the ROH Cav/Pag on Tuesday 19th Dec. i've got no particular desire/need to see Pag. Would anyone like to buy the ticket for that second half from me? £40, negotiable. Stalls circle right, C78. Start time of Pag around 9 pm. Please PM if interested. Thanks
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