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  1. I saw this in the cinema in January and would definitely recommend it. It would be a good idea to refresh your memory as to the story of Anna Karenina (AK) before going, as it is a bit confusing as to who is whom at the beginning. Olga Lerman was terrific as AK I thought. Added comma!
  2. The Wiener Staatsballett are showing a livestream of John Neumeier's Le Pavillon d'Armide and Le Sacre on Monday 13 March. The cost is €14 (£13.03). I've watched livestreams from there before and the quality is very good (depending on your broadband speed I suppose). What I really like is that you may choose what time to view it - within 72 hours of the original livestream. There is a downloadable programme booklet and you can also view subtitles on your iPhone/android. Further infomation here: http://www.staatsoperlive.com/en/live/380/le-pavillon-darmide-le-sacre-2017-03-13/#tab_0 Ed
  3. How stupid of me - it must have been returning home after rehearsals
  4. When I was there last August, I saw a mouse near the stairs in the Paul Hamlyn Hall. It definitely put me off my sandwich. It probably has something to do with the building works but I certainly won't be eating there again until the works are complete
  5. A cinema chain in Ireland is showing a modern dance production of Anna Karenina on 19th January 2017. "Directed and choreographed by Angelica Cholina, this Vakhtangov Theatre production of ANNA KARENINA is a modern dance interpretation of Leo Tolstoy's classic novel." It is also being shown in the UK and US – use this link to find cinemas. Link to a short video here.
  6. This has been my worst ballet day experience. I've had all the problems mentioned above and now when trying to watch the San Francisco Ballet it's showing the Royal Ballet class from this morning. I've tried different locations (work, home, friend's house), different devices (PC, tablet, smartphone) and the various websites, I've cleared the cache and shut down/restarted the devices - all to no avail. :angry: :angry: :angry:
  7. Apologies for not replying sooner Don Q Fan, but I'm just back from my trip. Unfortunately, I didn't see your post until after I had left Barcelona so didn't get to follow your advice. However, I will definitely be back in Barcelona again and will do the tour then.
  8. Oops - forgot about that :-). I don't really want to go the touristy route but I'll certainly check out the gothic cathedral on Sunday. Thanks for taking the time to respond with suggestions - much appreciated.
  9. I'm going to be in Barcelona for a couple of days. Can anybody recommend a good flamenco show? I'd like to avoid the touristy ones!
  10. Don't forget your public library - even if they don't stock a book they can borrow it from another library for you :-)
  11. Sadlers Wells seriesA Dream of Sadlers Wells (1950) Veronica at the Wells (1951) Masquerade at the Wells (1952) No Castanets at the Wells (1953) Jane Leaves the Wells (1953) Ella at the Wells (1954) Return to the Wells (1955) Rosanna Joins the Wells (1956) Principal Rôle (1957) Swan Feather (1958) Dress-Rehearsal (1959) Back-Stage (1960) Vicki in Venice (1962) The Secret (1964) From Wikipedia : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lorna_Hill#Sadlers_Wells_series
  12. I wish the Drina and Sadlers Wells series would be republished. I can no long remember the proper series order for either of them and Amazon's now very unreliable search engine refused to produce them too" Fiz This Wikipedia article lists the Drina books in publication order and provides a synopsis for each: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mabel_Esther_Allan I've double-checked against some library catalogues and it seems accurate as to dates. edited to correct typo
  13. An Irish cinema chain is showing Norwegian National Ballet's Swan Lake (Chor. Alexander Ekman) on 5th July: http://www.movies-at.ie/index.php?dates=20160705 I've been unable to find any UK listings so far.
  14. Fiz Waterstones is showing this as available for pre-order (due to be published 31 Oct 2016) - cost £12. Looks as if they might be going to reprint it.
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