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  1. Which reminds me, when was the last time the Paris Opera ballet company toured the UK? I'v never seen them live and I know Paris isn't far but with Brexit and all who knows what hoops we'll have to jump next year to go to Paris? After I saw Wiseman's documentary La Danse I fell in love!
  2. Yes, sorry I meant American Ballet Theatre (i.e. Ballanchine's company) not the Aussie one! (I didn't even realise Australia had a ballet company!!)
  3. Hi I don't live in the UK so try to see as many shows as I can when I am back in London and I'll be back during this week so I'd love to see this Osipova/Hallberg perfomance of Swan Lake. Will be willing to pay extra.
  4. Thank you for the detailed response. Is it also because the American ballerinas don't have the same reputation as the Russian ones?
  5. Hi I've always wondered why the NYCB/ABC companies never visit London? I'm sure a lot of people would love to see them perform. Any answers?
  6. Dont know if it should have its own thread but saw The Mother on Friday and it was so powerful. Osipova is such a great actress too in addition to her exquisite dancing!
  7. Just bought a ticket for The Mother on Fri 21st! Can't wait. Quick question: where is the stage door in the QE Hall/Southbank Centre?
  8. I also am looking forward to the ballets the documentary spent good time on especially, 'The Mother'. (A quick related question: what's the difference between regular and VIP tickets at the Southbank Centre's QE Hall?)
  9. I saw the documentary at the Curzon in Mayfair and Osipova and the director were on stage afterwards fielding a Q&A session. It was fascinating being so close to her and seeing her in normal clothes and not on stage! She was very gracious but also looked so tiny -- it was hard to believe she is 32! The doc itself is brilliantly cinematographed and I'd give it 4/5 -- I wish, like the doc on Polunin---that it had also talked about her personal life as she's had three high profile relationships with Vasiliev, Polunin and now -- a total surprise to me! -- Kittelberger! After
  10. I saw this last Wednesday with Osipova in A Month in the Country. I really enjoyed it although it was different to the kind of ballets I’ve seen before — my first Ashton. Hallberg and Natalia were great! I also enjoyed some of the Firebird which preceded it. But I left after the second interval when the curtain calls for David and Natalia died down because I had a train to catch. I made a night of it though as I dined in the splendid Paul Hamlyn Balconies Restaurant beforehand. A memorable night. Osipova and Hallberg make a great couple!
  11. I am hoping (desperate!) to be able to get a ticket to see Osipova dance in Romeo and Juliet on Sat. June 1st 2019. I won't be in the UK for dates before then so it's the only one I can make of that ballet. I am willing to pay quite a bit extra!!
  12. Are the castings for Balanchine's Symphony in C out yet? I couldn't find them on the ROH website yet. I'm trying desperately to book to see Osipova!
  13. I saw this on Friday at my local Odeon and I really enjoyed it too. The acting and cinematography were both superb and the main actor played Nureyev very well. It is definitely the best film about ballet I've ever seen--I only wish it had covered his whole life and not just up to his defection. Hopefully someone will make a sequel covering the second half of his life too. 4/5
  14. I just saw the trailer and it looks great. I can't wait to see it when it opens on 22nd March on general release in the UK.
  15. Since this topic is related to meeting dancers after their performances does anyone know which nearby cocktail bars/pubs/wine bars/restaurants/cafe's (have I covered everything?!) the dancers hang out at?
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