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  1. I also saw their Swan Lake about 3 years ago, two things stuck in my mind 1. the plastic sheet they used to symbolise water in the finale and 2. Witnessing a poor corps dancer badly injure her knee in Act 4 after crashing straight down onto it. I thought the production was okay but remember the two principals were rather good. I cannot remember who danced Siegfried but he was very young and according to his bio had won a lot of gold medals at competitions. He was a fantastic dancer and I wish I could remember his name!
  2. Oh yes I know circumstances are arguably different just thought I would share the experience. It's a tricky situation and I imagine ENB will use the disclaimer that all companies do of casting being subject to change regardless for the reasons. On the other hand you have to wonder how others at The Bolshoi will be feeling at Alina being flown in when as has quite rightly been said there are plenty of suitable replacements to be had.
  3. Laurretta Summerscales is Alejandro Virelles' other partner throughout Swan Lake so I imagine it would make sense to use her as 'replacement' rather than creating even more of a headache for ENB. She's an outstanding dancer too and after her debut in Swan Lake at the RAH when she was still in the corps she's been one to watch. She definitely will be a principal herself soon enough. I understand people's disappointment but these things do happen. I booked specifically to see Daria Klimentova in Le Corsaire and she was replaced at the last moment. I became so enthralled in the whole spectacle and the fantastic company that I soon forgot I wasn't watching Daria! I hope on Saturday those who do attend still have a fantastic time.
  4. You would think so! ENB has a fair few at lead principal rank but only 3 dancers at principal rank. He definitely deserves it. On a slightly related note, I've always wondered in ballet companies do they make preparations for two dancers to be promoted in 'partnership' once they start to get close to principal ranking? I ask because the thought crossed my mind when last years promotions were announced and James Forbat and Laurretta Summerscales were both promoted to first soloist. I pondered whether ENB were testing the water for them to be a potential future pairing. However she's been paired with Arionel Vargas for both Swan Lake and Le Corsaire but did partner James Forbat for Nutcracker and of course in Beijing last year and last night dancing the Manon pas de deux. Junor is to partner Begona Cao for Romeo and Juliet so that could be a possibility for the future! I definitely sense a promotion for him this year and perhaps another for Ksenia. I'm not sure if we will see as many as last year though. To get back on the topic at hand - I wonder how the decision for it to be a tie was made. Unfortunately I couldn't attend but I imagine there must have been an extremely similar standard from both Junor and Alison. Congratulations to them both!
  5. I saw a Tweet which mentioned her joining as a 'half soloist.' I'm not familiar with the Royal Ballet Flanders ranks so unsure really what that is. Unfortunately I've completely forgotten who tweeted said tweet. It must be 'official' though as Nancy herself has now responded to one of Luke Jennings' tweets on the subject. But, I await to see a proper 'announcement.'
  6. Sorry everyone for the misunderstanding I caused earlier, I was only reporting what I had heard from people there but always like to clarify if I haven't seen/heard something with my own eyes/ ears. First interval at Manchester and Junor Souza is dancing Ali with Arionel Vargas taking his place as Lankendem and of course the aforementioned replacement of Daria Klimentova by Fernanda Oliveira. Everyone is performing fabulously and very sad though honoured to be at Vadim's last official performance with ENB. Will do a full report later.
  7. I don't know, will see if I find out anything tonight but according to those attending this afternoon Tamara wasn't on due to the indisposition of Matthew Golding but that doesn't seem right. Perhaps she didn't have enough time to rehearse with another partner though.
  8. Oh thank you Strawberryy for letting me know that. At least I am seeing one half of my favourite duo then. I hope that Daria is doing okay though. Edited to add: I've been told via Twitter by one of ENB's dancers that Fernanda Oliveira will be dancing in place of Daria Klimentova. DK is unwell unfortunately.
  9. Well I've just heard that apparently Daria Klimentova and Vadim Muntagirov are now no longer performing this evening. Apparently no Tamara Rojo at the matinee either and Matt Golding is at the ROH right now according to twitter. I am very anxious to find out who I will be seeing as it could be an interesting cast it seems. I am holding out hope Laurretta Summerscales is still on as Gulnare this evening so I can at least see one of the people I really wanted to but I know it'll be great either way.
  10. Unfortunately I was looking for to seeing Surahashi as Ali this evening but he was injured last night and is unlikely to dance now this evening. That is if I of course get there as my trains are subject to cancellations and severe delays. I am hoping to get there as I really want to see Klimentova and Muntagirov one last time before their last R&J in June!
  11. Hope you enjoy tonight Terpsichore! Unfortunately I left home earlier this week to go somewhere else before Manchester tomorrow so all I have packed is a dress. I expect I'll stand out like a sore thumb.
  12. Completely agree. ENB really seem to be rounding out at the moment with talented dancers of all ranks. It is such a treat for audiences as no matter what cast/ combination you see it is always a fantastic performance. The dancers really give it their all (as do all ballet dancers of course) even when you can maybe tell from their postings online that they are absolutely exhausted. I really have to applaud their dedication and also the dedication of other companies too. We really are spoiled for choice in the UK!
  13. Yes I've been wondering on casting too now as I am due there tomorrow evening. If Laurretta Summerscales replaces Tamara Rojo again she wouldn't be likely to then dance Gulnare too in the evening as planned would she? Perhaps she would. I guess I will find out tomorrow. Intrigued as to what cast I may get, it is sure to be a good show either way.
  14. I noticed that too! We will see how it all progresses. I booked on the basis of the original three for Daria and Vadim but of course that isn't happening now. I think the RAH posted when they weren't supposed to and casting isn't entirely finalised so the full casting I posted should be taken with a pinch of salt - especially given that there will most likely be some shuffling now we know Vadim isn't performing.
  15. I don't like to speculate but Tamara Rojo did tweet that it was sad he wouldn't be performing in Lest We Forget and Romeo & Juliet though she was pleased he would be in Manchester for Corsaire. If anyone was preventing him honouring those it wouldn't be her it seems (or at least she's publicly making it seem that way.) I am pleased for Vadim Muntagirov and excited to see where this takes him. I had originally booked to see Vadim M and Daria K in Romeo & Juliet and of course I'm a little disappointed but I don't mind who I get instead. I already had tickets for Manchester Corsaire (Saturday evening) so now that it seems it will be their last ENB performance together I am pleased I already had those booked.
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