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  1. I found it after searching the whole NYCB page, where they didn't even give a hint where to look... Thanks, Katherine!
  2. That's what I thought when I saw Osipova/Hallberg in Munich last week: passionate, intelligent portraits from both, great dancing and great solos (can't remember when I saw such a good Tatiana solo in act II!) - but so little flow in the pdds. Which is absolutely not their fault, you only get it from experience, when you dance the roles together many, many times. This is a ballet where you should keep the couples together all the time, it helps the interpretation. Great to hear that you like it, Anna!
  3. A general request for all the fabulous information that is put up here: would it be possible to copy the direct link for the livestream in your posts, if you have it? 🙏😘
  4. Sometimes Google translate is very funny, Sergei Filin's last name for example sometimes comes back as an owl, and Denys Cherevychko's name (Vienna State Ballet) comes back as slippers, like Tchaikovsky's opera "Cherevichki" 😨
  5. NOMINEES 2019, with correct names, works, roles and secretariats 😁 - copied from here CHOREOGRAPHERS JUANJO ARQUÉS –Ignite, Kate Whitley. Birmingham Royal Ballet. MANUEL LEGRIS – Sylvia, Leo Delibes. Vienna State Ballet. JUSTIN PECK – Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming, M8 (Anthony Gonzalez, Yann Gonzalez, Bradley Laner, Justin Meldal-Johnson). San-Francisco Ballet. FREDRIK BENKE RYDMAN – Duet with an Industrial Robot, Johan Lilje Dal, Karl Johan Rasmusson. State Theatre Stockholm. CHRISTIAN SPUCK – Winterreise, Hans Zender, Franz Schubert. Zurich Ballet. SEPTIME WEBRE – Wizard of OZ, Matthew Pierce. Kansas City Ballet. BALLERINAS AMANDINE ALBISSON – Marguerite Gautier, La Dame aux Camélias, F.Chopin/J.Neumeier. Paris Opera Ballet. ASHLEY BOUDER – Swanilda, Coppelia, L.Delibes/G.Balanchine. New York City Ballet. ELISA CARRILLO CABRERA –Juliet, Romeo and Juliet, S.Prokofiev/N.Duato. State Ballet Berlin. MAIA MAKHATELI – Marguerite Gautier, La Dame aux Camélias, F.Chopin/J.Neumeier. Dutch National Ballet. ANASTASIA STASHKEVICH – Dolly, Anna Karenina, P.Tchaikovsky, A.Shnitke, C.Stevens-Y.Islam/J.Neumeier. Bolshoi Theatre of Russia. YUAN YUAN TAN – Duet Take a Deep Breath, Bound to, K.Henson/Ch.Wheeldon. San Francisco Ballet. KAHO YANAGISAWA – Solo part, Artifact Suite, E.Crossman-Hecht, I.S.Bach/W.Forsythe. Royal Swedish Ballet DANCERS AUDRIC BEZARD – Armand Duval, La Dame aux Camélias, F.Chopin/J.Neumeier. Paris Opera Ballet. DANIEL CAMARGO – Armand Duval, La Dame aux Camélias, F.Chopin/J.Neumeier; Basilio, Don Quichot, L.Minkus/M.Petipa, A.Ratmansky. Dutch National Ballet. VIACHESLAV LOPATIN – Faun, C.Debussy,N.Sawhney/S.L.Cherkaoui. Bolshoi Theatre of Russia. VADIM MUNTAGIROV – Prince Siegfried, Swan Lake,P.Tchaikovsky/L.Scarlett. Royal Ballet London. ANDILE NDLOVU – Mercutio, Romeo and Juliet,S.Prokofiev/J.Cranko. The Washington Ballet. ABEL ROJO – Carrying with My Own Floor,E.Satie/A.Rojo.Malpaso Company. DANIIL SIMKIN – Harlequin, Harlequinade, R.Drigo/M.Petipa, A.Ratmansky. American Ballet Theatre. COMPOSERS MATTHEW PIERCE – Wizard of OZ, choreography by SeptimeWebre, Kansas City Ballet. KATE WHITLEY – Ignite, choreography by JuanjoArques, Birmingham Royal Ballet. DESIGNERS JÉRÔME KAPLAN – La Bayadère, L.Minkus/M.Petipa, A.Ratmansky, State Ballet Berlin. JOHN MACFARLANE – Swan Lake, P.Tchaikovsky/L.Scarlett, Royal Ballet London. ROBERT PERDZIOLA – Harlequinade, R.Drigo/M.Petipa, A.Ratmansky, American Ballet Theatre. MICHAEL RAYFORD-LIZ VANDAL – Wizard of OZ, M.Pierce/S.Webre, Kansas City Ballet.
  6. Big trouble at Vienna: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/apr/10/vienna-state-opera-investigation-abuse-students-ballet-academy
  7. Live Stream of "Jewels" from Munich: On Thursday, 11 April 2019, 7.30 pm CEST / 5.30 pm UCT, Bavarian State Ballet broadcasts George Balanchine's Jewels from Munich Nationaltheater, live and for free. A replay on demand will be available for 24 hours. You can start the stream until 11.59 a.m. on Saturday and watch the whole show. Watch via www.staatsoper.tv Cast: Emeralds Prisca Zeisel - Emilio Pavan Jeanette Kakareka - Henry Grey Pas de trois: Antonia McAuley, Vera Segova, Dmitrii Vyskubenko Rubies Ashley Bouder - Osiel Gouneo Prisca Zeisel Diamonds Alina Somova - Vladimir Shklyarov Soloists and corps de ballet of the Bavarian State Ballet
  8. The original décor is very, very expensive, not so much the costumes, but the sets, which are hand painted in long, long working hours. That's why the Cranko estate allows to produce Onegin without the original costumes and sets by Jürgen Rose; there are several different productions, the Berlin one by Elizabeth Dalton, one by Pier Luigi Samaritani and Roberta Guidi di Bagno for La Scala, one by Thomas Mika for Seoul, China, Flanders, Estonia, and another one by Santo Loquasto for ABT. Paris, RB or the Bolshoi have the original sets and costumes.
  9. It's a busy news day over here... The German Dance Prize 2019 will be awarded to Gert Weigelt, the most famous German dance photographer. He was a dancer with Royal Swedish Ballet, Cullberg Ballet and NDT, as photographer he has accompanied the careers of choreographers like Hans van Manen, Maurice Béjart, Pina Bausch oder Martin Schläpfer, just to name a few. https://gertweigelt.wordpress.com/ https://www.tanznetz.de/gallery/2748/show https://www.tanznetz.de/gallery/2116/show
  10. Next season at Zurich Ballet is online here Premieres: The Little Match Girl, choreography by Christian Spuck, music by Helmut Lachenmann (until now, it was produced as an opera, the composer calls it "Music with images") A Forsythe Evening with Second Detail, Approximate Sonata 2016 and One Flat Thing, Reproduced Triple Bill with Walking Mad/Johan Inger, Kleines Requiem/Hans van Manen and a third piece Check out the new company roster here - Igor Zelensky's Munich principals Jonah Cook and Ksenia Ryzhkova are heading for Zurich, Éléonore Guérineau and Yannick Bittencourt are leaving.
  11. The first picture of the new "Mayerling" costumes by Jürgen Rose for Stuttgart is online here
  12. I can't help, he looks like a general from a Gilbert & Sullivan operetta. How can you chose lilac and pink as the colours for a uniform?? Poor Vahe Martirosyan, I remember him from Zurich, where he was one of Heinz Spoerli's best dancers, dark and intelligent, full of dignity. I should mention that these are not the original costumes, but a new décor by Elizabeth Dalton.
  13. I've seen it live recently - it's an old Chinese tale about two wanderers who rest at a monastery where one of them falls in love with a girl in a picture. He ends up with her in her world behind the picture... The dancing is in a neoclassical, expressive ballet style, rather few decor, but a very beautiful light design and some projections. The girl's hair plays an important role throughout the piece, we see her and her friends swinging on long ropes of hair from the ceiling. The music is something between minimal music, percussion and chinese. I liked it!
  14. Vienna State Ballet's new season for 2019/2020: https://issuu.com/wienerstaatsoper/docs/sv_kern_19_20_dramaturgie_low_einze/44 The premieres at the State Opera: "Jewels" (George Balanchine) Triple Bill Lukács / Lidberg / Duato: "Movements to Stravinsky" (András Lukács), "Between Dogs and Wolves" (creation by Pontus Lidberg), "White Darkness" (Nacho Duato) the premieres at the Volksoper: "La Piaf" by Mauro Bigonzetti Triple Bill "Appassionato – Bach und Vivaldi": Creations by Boris Nebyla, Eno Peci, Martin Winter the company roster is here, no big changes as fare as I can see: https://issuu.com/wienerstaatsoper/docs/sv_kern_19_20_dramaturgie_low_einze/118
  15. Two new dancers for Bavarian State Ballet: Zachary Catazaro, who was fired from NYCB during the Waterbury case, was hired by Igor Zelensky as guest principal until the end of this season, and Elvis Nudo from Italy, a dancer at La Scala and Mikhailovsky before, joined the company as soloist. Gabriel Figueredo who made second place at this year's Prix de Lausanne joins Stuttgart Ballet. 👏👏👏
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