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  1. Two new directors were appointed for Tanztheater Wuppertal today: Bettina Wagner-Bergelt as Artistic Director and Roger Christmann as Company Manager. Wagner-Bergelt worked at Bavarian State Ballet for almost 30 years, as dramaturge, producer, head of education and Associate Director to Ivan Liška; until Igor Zelensky kicked her out in 2017 in a not very nice manner.
  2. At Vienna State Ballet, the Swedish ballerina Nikisha Fogo was promoted to principal dancer after the "Sylvia" Premiere on Saturday night - a short video Photos from the production by Manuel Legris here a rehearsal video here
  3. Angela

    Upcoming DVD/Blu-ray Releases

    With all that talking about 4K UHD and Blue Ray I feel rather outdated with my veeery old ballet recordings, made some 20, 30 years ago with the old VHS recorder or carefully dubbed from VHS to VHS and then copied to DVD - and yet I treasure them so much, because there are some performances that have never been released on DVD, that will never be broadcast again. Of course I'm happy about all those new recordings, the recorded ballet repertoire gets bigger with every DVD - but on the other hand, I watch recordings not for the quality of technology, but for the quality of the performance, and often as a benchmark for the interpretations of today. And if the picture on TV wobbles, it wobbles.
  4. In Munich they have been there since I can remember, and I'm happy they are because I'm afraid of heights. I never had a problem looking over them. I'm never going to sit in den upper balcony of Semperoper Dresden again because there is NO railing.
  5. Stuttgart Ballet is in Japan, dancing Onegin and Swan Lake - they have a beautiful blog with many pictures of rehearsals and performances, with guest stars Diana Vishneva and Mathieu Ganio https://stuttgartballet.wordpress.com/
  6. This is a little TV report with some pictures from the premiere - I don't think it will work outside Germany, but try: https://www.rbb-online.de/rbbkultur/dasmagazin/archiv/20181103_1830/la-bayadere-staatsoper-berlin-premiere.html And here are the first reviews, for people who read German or use Google translate: https://www.tagesspiegel.de/kultur/staatsballett-berlin-liebestraeume-im-schattenreich/23459786.html https://www.berliner-zeitung.de/kultur/theater/triumph-beim-staatsballett--la-bayadère--mit-polina-semjonowa-in-der-titelrolle-31543822 https://www.rbb24.de/kultur/beitrag/2018/11/berlin-staatsballett-la-bayadere-kritik.html https://www.kulturradio.de/rezensionen/buehne/2018/11/Staatsoper-La-Bayadere.html
  7. That help you mention was by Katherine 👏👏 , but congratulations on the tickets!! Nijinsky Galas are veeery very long, so prepare for illustrious guests and an extensive overview of ballet history according to John Neumeier 😉.
  8. Casting for the Ratmansky Bayadère at Staatsballett Berlin: Polina Semionova - Alejandro Virelles - Yolanda Correa (premiere, November 2018, 18. January 2019) Anna Ol (guest from Dutch National) - Daniil Simkin - Evelina Godunova (10., 26., 28. December 2018, 9. February 2019). Ksenia Ovsyanick - Marian Walter - Aurora Dickie (15. December 2018, 2. February 2019)
  9. Amelia, I couldn't find any reviews in German - no newspapers, no blogs. I'm very sorry. The Munich newspapers write reviews about premieres or revivals, but rarely about single performances, as famous (or infamous) the star may be. There's a video on Staatsballett's facebook page and some photos
  10. Yes, I like the back of the stalls much more, but that might be too far away for some people. Katherine, where did you find pillars?? I agree, the end of a row is not great for the bad sight lines, especially in the front rows, but I can't remember pillars. I'll have to check next time 😯
  11. Here comes Bavarian Goodnews #2 😍 https://twitter.com/staatsballett/status/1051790074109710336
  12. Lizbie, I only book online or by phone at Munich, so I don't know if writing is faster (I think they do it by lottery?). However ballet doesn't sell as fast as an Anna Netrebko or Jonas Kaufmann opera at Munich, even it it's Polunin - so if you are able to book immediately at 10 o'clock on the opening day of online booking, that should be no problem, I think. Or try the phone. Try to catch seats (or standing room) in the middle of the balconies - the sight from the sides is not so great. No problem in the stalls. If you take tickets on the balcony sides, only first row. The Nationaltheater is beautiful, but huge, and I could'nt find the perfect place for ballet there until now... ☹️
  13. Ivan Vasiliev will make his debut as Cranko's Petruchio in Taming of the Shrew at Munich I wonder what "'#Goodnews 2" will be, it was not posted yet...
  14. Angela

    Upcoming DVD/Blu-ray Releases

    What?! Not in Germany. We had a cinema screening of it last Sunday and it will be on arte TV on Dec. 16, but there's yet no DVD announced on amazon.de. You can see the cover and a trailer (scroll down) here: http://www.ballett-im-kino.de/
  15. Hamburg Ballet postponed this season's premiere of "The Glass Menagerie" by John Neumeier after Tennessee Williams. The premiere will now be in December 2019, for June they announce a triple bill called "Shakespeare – Sonets" with creations by Marc Jubete, Aleix Martínez and Edvin Revazov. Daniil Simkin announced his performances at Berlin State Ballet until December: