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  1. More news from Dresden Semperoper Ballet: Artistic Director Aaron Watkin will stay until 2023, his contract was renewed by Opera Director Peter Theiler.
  2. Youri Vamos made a ballet called "Lucidor" in the 1990s, using Hofmannsthal's novella which later became the opera Arabella. The music was by Glazunov.
  3. YES, you're right, in September 2019 - I forgot, thank you! Copyright lasts 70 years in Germany. Wow, they are fast at Dresden 👏. I guess we will see lots of Zarathustras and Four last Songs in the next years...
  4. Dresden Semperoper Ballet has published their next season. Two premieres: Pina Bausch's production of the Gluck dance opera "Iphigenie auf Tauris" and a triple bill with Balanchine: Stravinsky Violin Concerto, Hans van Manen: Kleines Requiem, and the world premiere of David Dawson's "For last songs" by Richard Strauss (which is a little miracle as the heirs of Richard Strauss normally forbid to use any of his music that was not written for dance).
  5. Two principal dancers and a soloist will leave Hamburg Ballet after this season: the names of Carolina Agüero, Karen Azatyan and Dario Franconi have disappeard from next year's roster. Alina Cojocaru is still listed as principal guest artist, but no other new names.
  6. The next season at Hamburg Ballet is online here Premieres: The Glass Menagerie by Neumeier, his old Hamlet revised, and Christopher Wheeldon's The Winter's Tale.
  7. It must be the costumes from the creation in 1976, they look a little different at Stuttgart now, too.
  8. Thinking about it: No. 8 must be Egon Madsen's farewell performance from Stuttgart in 1981, because he danced Onegin only once, at his farewell. So they all came in the costumes from the ballets in which he got famous...
  9. 4: MacMillan, Requiem: Reid Anderson holding Egon Madsen 5: Cranko's Romeo: Egon Madsen and most likely Lucia Isenring (or Lucia Montagnon at that time) 6. Cranko's Swan Lake with Egon Madsen and Lucia Isenring/Montagnon 7. MacMillan, Requiem: on the left it might be Barry Ingham, but I' not sure, with Egon Madsen on the right 8. must be a gala at Stuttgart, they are all in different costumes. Left: I don't know, then probably Marcia Haydée (Lady of the Camellias), Madsen (Onegin), Isenring (Tatyana), Richard Cragun (Songs of a Wayfarer/Béjart) 9. MacMillan, Requiem: Egon Madsen and Barry Ingham (?) 10. I'll go from the first left and then to the right: - no. 1 MacMillan, Song of the Earth rehearsal: Madsen, Cragun, Haydee - no. 2 Onegin - Haydée, Cragun - no. 3 Cranko's Swan Lake with Madsen and the nose of the swan may belong to Haydée - no. 4 Onegin, Madsen as Lensky, no idea about Olga - second row no. 1 = see above - second row no. 2 Cranko's Swan Lake with Madsen - second row no. 3 Cranko's Swan Lake with Madsen and Haydée? Isenring? - second row no. 4 MacMillan, Requiem the others we know already 11. I'll go from the first left and then to the right: - no. 1 we know - no. 2 we know - no. 3 Cranko's Swan Lake with Madsen and probably Haydée - no. 4 Onegin - can't recognize the dancers - second row no. 1 we know - second row no. 2 Onegin, he could be Cragun or even Ray Barra, the very first Onegin - second row no. 3 a book 🙂 - second row no. 4 MacMillan, Requiem - third row no. 1 Cranko's Swan Lake with Madsen - third row no. 2 we know - third row no. 3 MacMillan, Requiem with Birgit Keil and Richard Cragun - third row no. 4 Madsen as Onegin What beautiful memories...
  10. Casting for "La Sylphide" by Bournonville/Frank Andersen at Berlin State Ballet: Maria Kochetkova and Daniil Simkin on Mar 1, 12, 22 + Apr 22 Polina Semionova and Alejandro Virelles on Mar 3, Apr 4 + May 26 Luciana Voltolini and Marian Walter on Apr 26 + May 31
  11. Sadly, one half of the Munich couple was injured before the first performance. And Shklyarov was supposed to do Armand, but he withdraw already weeks before. Yet it's strange not to have a second or third couple, if you intend to put the ballet on stage, I think.
  12. Guests for the Ballet week at Bavarian State Ballet: Ashley Bouder from NYCB in Rubies/Jewels on 11. April Natalia Osipova as Tatyana in Cranko’s Onegin on 13. April Ivan Vasiliev as Petrucchio in Cranko’s Taming of the Shrew on 14. April Anna Laudere and Edvin Revazov for Neumeier’s Lady of the Camellias (actually they will dance all performances, so no Munich couple will have danced in the main parts) Booking starts on Monday 10.00 CET
  13. There's a Part 3, Duck, where 64 year old Melinda Witham, character soloist with Stuttgart Ballet, is seen as the old Anna who, with some minimalistic Ausdruckstanz moves, looks back on a life of fighting for her rights, tired but proud. It's only some minutes long, set to "The unanswered question" by Charles Ives. There is lots of dancing throughout the evening, done by choreographer Louis Stiens and actress Josephine Köhler - ballet virtuosity, modern moves and even Voguing for the Peaches songs. I had no interest in Electroclash or Peaches before, but I thought it was a great evening, acting/singing/dancing in a meaningful, intelligent fusion. Well, lots of dirty words, but hey, great beats... :-) The whole performance comes with surtitles in English and German.
  14. Cranko's Romeo was on German TV an is still available for streaming, but I'm pretty sure it' won't work outside of Germany: https://www.swr.de/swr2/kultur-info/film-50-jahre-ballett-romeo-und-julia-von-john-cranko-stuttgarter-ballett/-/id=9597116/did=23157164/nid=9597116/1gjadzc/index.html
  15. A long, interesting report in the Süddeutsche Zeitung about Polunin's Raymonda and an interview with him at the Munich conference "Digital, Life, Design", he answered many questions about his tattoos, his social media etc. I hope this link to Google translate works
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